How Customer Experience Management (CEM) is Different from Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Both Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) are important aspects of keeping customers happy and gain insights about th[..]

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Digital Transformation – The Driving Force Behind Patient Engagement in Healthcare

Role Of Digital Transformation In The Healthcare Industry  With digital transformation disrupting several industries over the years, the healthcare sector [..]

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App Analytics And The Science Of Users’ Digital Body Language

Introduction Modern-day retail has evolved from the erstwhile physical outlets to contemporary digital platforms. Proof of this can be found in the fact that ou[..]

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Why You Should Start With Churn Analysis For Your Mobile App

“On average, only 25-40% of new customers will re-launch an app after the first week. This number diminishes as time goes on, ultimately falling to 4% one yea[..]

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The Problem Of App Abandonment And How To Fix It

Introduction To App Abandonment When it comes to mobile app marketing, a vicious cycle sometimes stalls the most ardent of efforts. The cycle begins with organi[..]

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How To Push The Right Buttons With Push Notifications

“Businesses that run push notifications have 3X higher retention and 88% better app engagement.” (Source) With so many apps in the market, users are often w[..]

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