Drive Predictable Customer Success

Repeat Success, Predictably

Empower your teams to drive predictable and repeatable success from onboarding to advocacy.

Streamline And Scale CS Ops

Easily operationalize and scale your customer success processes, teams, and outcomes.

Get A Single, Unified View

Get all customer data and actionable insights in a single view to deliver personalized experiences.

Gain Insights, Take Timely Action

Get best-in-class actionable intelligence—from predictive insights to prescriptive guidance.

Best-in-Class, Actionable Features to Operationalize and Scale Customer Success

All the features you need to prevent churn, drive upsells, foster advocacy, improve team efficiency, and enhance customer experience.

360°customer view

Configurable health scoring

Real-time account intelligence

Best-practice playbooks

Task & touchpoints management

Product usage analytics

Automated campaigns

Surveys & pulse feedback

A Configurable, Comprehensive And Easy-to-use Platform

A comprehensive suite of customer success tools for your whole team to drive superior customer outcomes and demonstrate business impact.

360° View

Get a unified, end-to-end view of the customer’s journey with actionable insights.

Consolidate customer data from multiple sources—product usage, financials, tasks, support tickets, and more—to empower your team with a single source of truth.

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Configurable Health Score

Easily identify at-risk or upsell-ready customers with health scores.

Completely customizable, it is a combination of criteria meaningful to your business.

Analyze customer health by lifecycle stages, subscription tiers, etc. and take proactive action as needed.

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Real-time Account Intelligence

Get real-time, actionable intelligence served to you on a platter with 20+ out-of-the-box alerts.

Stay on top of both risks and opportunities effortlessly, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Spend less time hunting for information and more time doing what you do best—proactively engaging and helping your customers succeed.

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Step-by-Step Playbooks

Make success repeatable with access to powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use playbooks.

Playbooks are a collection of prescriptive best practices from onboarding to advocacy, customizable to your business needs.

Leverage success plays to help your team with step-by-step guides to deliver consistent customer experiences

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Product Usage Insights

Monitor product usage across segments via feature usage heat maps, event funnels, and advanced engagement indices.

Identify bottlenecks and drop-offs at each stage to improve product adoption.

Make informed product success decisions to build products that your customers love.

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Powerful Segmentation

Segments are groups of customers with common characteristics—such as demographics and behavior—which form the base of other key actions.

Easily define rule-based, dynamic customer segments that auto-update as new customers enter your database.

Use segments for a host of subsequent personalized and powerful analysis, actions, and automations.

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Personalized Engagement at Scale

Send the right message to the right user at the right time to drive customer engagement at scale.

Easily create trigger-driven, multichannel, automated campaigns based on actual user behavior to deliver personalized experiences.

Use the power of customer surveys and pulse feedback to let customers know that their voice is being heard.

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Tasks & Touchpoints

Seamlessly view and track all your customer tasks and touchpoints from one place.

Easily manage tasks via bi-directional sync with your favourite task management system or SmartKarrot's in-built capability.

Loop in team members to customer touchpoints to keep everyone informed and promote collaboration.

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