Customer Touchpoints

Painlessly streamline your

customer touchpoint management

Don’t manually track customer touchpoints again. Get insightful data you can use to save time and boost customer satisfaction and engagement, all in one place.

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Customer Touchpoints Management

Stay organized and get a bird’s-eye view of customer

Keep Track Of Various Touchpoints
Keep Track Of Various Touchpoints

Easily track email, video calls, monthly reports, QBR meetings, and much more in one place. And get an overview of how many times you interacted with an account and what was discussed. 

Increase Your Productivity
Increase Your Productivity

Stay in control and manage customer journey touchpoints for multiple accounts.

Improve Transparency Across Departments
Improve Transparency Across Departments

Ensure everyone involved in an account has access to the same data. Minimize misunderstandings and proactively drive multi-channel, multi-stakeholder communication with touchpoint collaboration.

Optimize Customer Experience
Optimize Customer Experience

Help your customers value your product by analyzing all their engagements in one place. Get the insight you need to help them succeed.

Help your customers maximize their growth
with touchpoints

Keep your customers satisfied and keep track of and manage touchpoints across accounts without sacrificing your time and effort.

Customer Touchpoint Mapping

View all touchpoints, at-a-glance

No more searching through email chains to find the information you need. Have all your customer touchpoints in one place to easily see what accounts you’ve recently interacted with, track engagements, and help customers keep the most value from your product.

In-depth customer insights

Don’t rely on multiple tools and platforms to stay efficient when organizing and analyzing touchpoint data. Get all the information you need to help your customers succeed in one place. See what accounts you engage with, type of engagement, with who, and more.

Customer Insights
Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your team

Easily add team members to customer touchpoints so everyone can collaborate on accounts together. No more losing track of critical files and discussions in back-and-forth emails and closed tickets again. Keep everything together, chaos-free.

Automatically sync email touchpoints

Never manually add email conversations you’ve had with your customers. Save time and authenticate your Gmail or Outlook account so you can specify email touchpoints with one click.

Sync Email Touchpoints
Touchpoint Analysis

Customize your view

Focus on only the data that matters. Filter touchpoints based on account, type, and date range to find the insight you need instantly.

Mark regular email communications as touchpoints

Stay organized and track your email touchpoints from the start. Add SmartKarrot’s dedicated touchpoint ID in your email’s BCC to appoint email conversations as touchpoints. And it automatically adds recipients in the To/CC fields as contacts and collaborators.

Customer Journey Touchpoints

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