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SmartKarrot is a Delaware registered company based out of Frisco, Texas and has team members operating globally.
The SmartKarrot platform currently supports all countries and locations with support teams based out of USA, Canada and India.
The SmartKarrot platform is capable of integration with external systems on a handshake basis or on a continuous 2-way communication mode. Our development team is currently working on solutions to integrate SalesForce implementations and the Fitbit user community. Meanwhile, if you have any specific please feel free to contact us.
We have a few options to get you started; first is to ask for a call back through the available online form at a preferred time to understand more about the platform, second is to schedule a platform demo, third is to share your details and sign up on our platform and explore the features in Sandbox mode and fourth is an option to share details of your team member for us to reach out to them and discuss about the platform.You can explore these options from the Contact us page.
A credit card is not required for the initial sign up. Appropriate payment information can be added at a later stage.
Login to your account by accessing the dashboard link provided to you during signup and entering your e-mail ID and password.
On the login page, click the “Forgot Password” option and enter your email id once prompted for it. We will send a password reset link to your registered email id and on clicking the link you will be able to reset your password.
The documentation provides detailed instructions to help integrate the SDK’s and expose required information from the mobile and web applications to the platform. Learn all about our API Documentation at
Once you sign up on the platform, the integration of our Core SDK with your mobile or web applications can be completed within one week. Additional SDKs will need to be integrated based on your feature requirements and can be integrated within 3-4 days each. The user integration and onboarding to the platform will take another week due to the dependency on users accessing the updated app. There will be support by the SmartKarrot implementation team throughout this phase.
SmartKarrot supports applications built for the Android, iOS and browser based delivery mechanisms. All you require to start using our services is an application (Web / Android / iOS) that can be integrated with the SmartKarrot platform using our SDKs.
Our objective has always been to make the integration and usage of our platform intuitive and easy to use. However, we have a strong implementation team to support your technical members to help integrate our SDKs as well a support team that will help with all your queries on an ongoing basis.
SmartKarrot gives you the ability, to target your audience, according to custom parameters based on the design and use of your application in addition to user attributes, usage and behavior, as well as device-based attributes. i.e.
With SmartKarrot, you can combine any of the User / Device / App parameters using simple AND/OR conditions to create detailed segments. The saved user segment refreshes every 24 hours to provide an updated user count. Once a user segment is created, the custom rule could look something like this: “Users under Country is USA AND Gender is Male AND has executed/ Filled-Up Smoking Cessation Form At Least, One Times in the last 30 Days” Learn more about SmartSegmentation:
The SmartKarrot platform allows you to create static user groups, based on data snapshots at a particular instance. The list of users in the group created will remain static unlike a user segment for future reference. Select “User group” under segmentation to begin and create a new user group by selecting the app and then the users from the list. Alternately, a user group can be created by segmentation of the audience and saving it as a group.
A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. A geo-fence could be dynamically generated, as in a radius around a point location, or a geo-fence can be a predefined set of boundaries (such as school zones, hospitals, airports or neighborhood boundaries). Geo-fencing assists in location-based targeting that allows developers to communicate with mobile users in a defined geographic area. The SmartKarrot platform helps you develop strategies and deliver personalized messages based on the present and past visitors within the preset geographic location.
SmartEngagementScore is calculated through a proprietary algorithm and helps understand the app’s engagement level based on a score derived from specific indices such as Duration Index (app usage), Loyalty Index (churn ratio), Retention Index (active user cohorts) and Feedback Index (store ratings). For the web applications, the Feedback Index is replaced by Performance Index (app performance). The score maturity which is defined as “Silver”, “Gold”, and “Platinum” sheds light to the current status based on the accuracy and quality of data available across all indices over a period of time.
SmartAnalytics provides insights into the app’s real-time engagement, the engagement score trend i.e. the performance of indices over a period of time and relative analysis against all apps on the platform and apps in specific category in relatable graphical representations to help you understand areas of improvements in user engagement levels. The feature analysis assists in understanding the performance of various campaigns run across features, which is useful in modifying future campaigns for improved results.
It is now possible to reach your users with a personalized notification through a host of channels. Once you select the app and the targeted users, you can customize the message content for “Push notification”, “Email”, “SMS/imessage”, “In-app popup” and more. Then schedule it to be sent once or on a recurring basis.
The SmartSurvey feature SDK integration with your app allows you to choose from a single-input questionnaire for specific user feedback or multiple-input survey for in-depth understanding of user sentiment. The format designed by our team is highly customizable and enables you to roll out a plethora of question and response types minimizing the monotony of the whole process. To increase customer engagement for your surveys, the platform also offers options to gamify and/or incentivize the process.
The SmartKarrot platform enables you to create custom referral programs the way you want. Select your preferred audience, configure the referral conditions that would count as successful referral based on certain events triggered and customize the screens to match the color, font and content similar to your app. Also, link SmartIncentives to increase the effectiveness of the referral program. It’s easy to boost your application’s user base by integrating our referral SDK through a few easy steps and without the hassle of coding. Learn more about SmartReferral:
The platform offers an option to create wallets for the developer/company as well as all users in a few clicks. Add your company information and payment method to create and load your wallet. Then, create wallets for all your users to make payouts against incentivized survey/feedback campaigns, referral programs, notification campaigns and more. The provision to auto-load allows you to set threshold to ensure your wallet stays loaded and users incentivized. NOTE: This feature is yet to be released for general availability and may have some changes in the description of its functioning
The SmartJourney feature will help connect one or more features together. The intuitive drag and drop design will enable you to create a user experience at various touch points in a matter of minutes. The option to trigger actions based on specific conditions will assist in automating the process to ensure your user stays engaged without manual intervention. NOTE: This feature is yet to be released for general availability and may have some changes in the description of its functioning.
SmartKarrot does not store any credit card or payment sources information, of any users of the platform.
In the event of such a situation, where a customer decides to discontinue the use of SmartKarrot services, all data pertaining to that customer including any metadata as well as any data obtained from other systems of the customer or from third parties by virtue of a customer inference, will be returned in a secure manner. SmartKarrot will not withhold any data obtained from any customer or customer driven/owned sources.
The SmartKarrot platform is PCI compliant. In addition, our payment processing partner will be PCI compliant when we offer our SmartIncentives feature for general availability, to any and all of our customers in select geographies.
Access to customer data is limited to the customer and with permission of the customer to SmartKarrot through acceptance of our privacy policy which is implied by the platform usage, to our implementation or support teams, service providers who assist us in analysing and providing services as necessary. There are precautions in place to ensure that no data is disclosed or used for any other purposes.
Our architecture ensures encryption of both data at rest and data in motion.
The documentation provides detailed instructions to help integrate the SDKs and expose required information from the mobile and web applications to the platform. Learn all about our API documentation at
The SmartKarrot SDK integration places no known restrictions of any kind on developers/apps.
Yes, without any restrictions or modifications to the encryption scheme of the host app.

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