Drive your


Leverage product interaction and platform usage to assess the engagement and impact on customer’s business.

Build products that your customers love!

Understand your customers interactions with your product and make
informed product management decisions

Drive your Product Success effectively
with a long-term perspective

Informed product management

Validate your product management decisions with product adoption heat-maps and event flow funnels. Analyze usage across customer

Manage onboarding

Set onboarding goals, track activities and milestones. Use SmartKarrot to personalize how you onboard each stakeholder. Use hotspots to guide them through the journey.

Co-create your product
with your customers

Incorporate the voice of your customers into your product management plan via product surveys.

Monitor and drive adoption

Set up usage alerts relevant to different roles and key stakeholders. Drive adoption and in-app usage in a personalized manner. Track user drop-offs along critical paths.

Connect insights to actions meaningfully
to drive your product adoption goals

Product Usage

Product usage insights give you information about what your customers do with your product, when, and for how long. It provides intelligence for groups as diverse as product management to customer success management. This allows you to make the right Product Management decisions.


User Behavior

Understanding user behavior is key to finding out how users interact with your product. Create Event Funnels that mirror the business KPIs you want to track and see how your users are interacting with your product. Analyze drop-offs at each stage and take actions using SmartKarrot’s Action Library.


Integrated Insights & Actions

Check how product adoption, customer satisfaction and user onboarding parameters are trending. Create multi-channel outreach campaigns to receive feedback and guide your customers to using your product better. Use hot-spots to facilitate first-time feature usage for your product.


360 view of your customer
in one place

To drive outcomes, it is necessary to view relevant data together and in context.
We will make the right integrations for your business and your outcomes.

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