Simplifying SaaS Product Engagement

SmartKarrot analyzes how customers & users engage with your app, across multiple touchpoints, bringing all relevant metrics in a single place.

Getting started is really simple, here are the simple steps to get going…


Add our Core SDK (a single line in the header file) to your app.


Configure app details in the settings section.

Send Event

Send in event data through API calls. Documentation here.
In a couple of days, event data shows up in the dashboard, based on user interactions. Find Detailed Documentation Here, on how to proceed.
Never run blind on your product usage analytics anymore ! And, don’t settle for static scoring.

Product Engagement Indices:
measuring the factors that count

Creating an automated engagement score based on product usage is hard, getting actionable insights from it, even tougher. Allow us to help.

Our cumulative engagement score tracks five key criteria to offer granular visibility about how customers use your app. SmartKarrot gives your Customer Success & Product Management teams clear metrics instead of dizzying reports so they can focus on what matters, taking users from trial to ‘regular & happy’.

Duration index

Know the average length of the sessions, or the time spent by users on your app when they log in.

Loyalty index

Measure the churn rate, by tracking the percentage of users who uninstalled the app or unsubscribed from the service.

Retention index

See the percentage of active returning users, measured across defined, regular interveals.

Performance index

Understand the performance of your web app’s pages, by tracking the percentage of successful page loads and the average load time.

Feedback index

Know the user sentiment for mobile apps based on feedback derived from app stores.

Vanity Metrics: Good for feeling awesome, bad for action. - Tim Ferris.

Vanity metrics are things you can measure that don’t matter. They’re easily changed or manipulated, and they don’t bear a direct correlation with numbers that speak to business success. While building SmartKarrot, we spoke to customers, digital-era businesses, SaaS companies and large scale enterprises, about their views on a Product Engagement Score, and we saw some common patterns emerge.

SmartKarrot’s Product Engagement Score has evolved over a period, guided by industry veterans, customer feedback and good old statistical regression. Our data scientists have tested this over hundreds of apps in the last 2 years, and the score has evolved as we have watched it closely and tried to calibrate with reality.

We take Privacy very seriously. The data from your app is not shared or used for mining and analytics. We are GDPR compliant. Find out more about our data Privacy Policy here.

If you want to setup a paid version on a private cloud, please contact us on with the details of your need.


Good CS platform for B2B businesses.

We are excited to be able to track the usage of our features and proactively take actions to address as required. It was a very tedious process for our CSM team to manually track it across various customers. Also, the ability to set automated alerts ensures we can focus our energies where required.

Dheeraj S

Founder & CEO, Playablo

Combination of Automation and Analytics for great CS.

What we were looking for was excellent insights of what our customer was doing in our platform. Have event-driven notification that could improve platform usages. The platform helps in capturing and tracking events, personalized communication with the targeted audience through multiple channels and monitor customer health scores.

Rohit G

CEO abd Co-Founder, Simplify 360