Published June 4, 2020

Role: Customer Engagement Manager
Location: San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Raleigh, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago.
Organization: Databricks
The mission of the Customer Engagement Manager is to drive long-term value and success for Databricks customers by maintaining exceptional and scalable engagements throughout a customer’s lifecycle. You will be responsible for managing communication with the customers, including the intake of requests from other teams as well as drafts, execution, and results. Focus on cross-functional teamwork in order to execute and partner closely with Marketing and Product Teams on programs, campaigns and content.
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Role: Customer Success Manager
Location: Remote, US
Organization: Blue Prism
As a CSM at Blue Prism, You will be responsible for elevating the customer experience and outcomes within Blue Prism’s customers. You will work closely with other Blue Prism teams and their Partners to drive success. The primary goal is to ensure customers derive maximum business benefit from their Digital Workforce powered by Blue Prism’s Robotic Operating Model (ROM) in as short a time frame as possible by mobilizing the services and resources required to support the removal of all potential roadblocks along the customer journey.  
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Role: Customer Success Manager
Location: Birmingham, Alabama, US
Organization: Help Lightning
The Customer Success Manager at Help Lightning is responsible for developing customer relationships that promote retention and growth, and ensure the customer is extremely successful in utilizing Help Lightning. Work closely with the customers to successfully roll out and expand the use of Help Lightning. Your job is to work closely with customers throughout their life-cycle from on-boarding to maintenance, management of all tactical aspects of the account, driving continuous improvement and removing obstacles.  
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Role: Customer Success Manager
Location: Paris, France
Organization: Gorgias
As a Customer Success Manager, you will have to help companies launch quickly and effectively on Gorgias by providing high-quality support, guidance, and on-boarding. Manage the full customer lifecycle, from onboarding to renewals.    
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Role: Customer Success Manager – Nordics M/F
Location: ROM-Bucharest, Romania
Organization: Talentsoft
In this role, proactively engage with the customers and work closely with them to identify super-users, get them super-trained and make sure they effectively use the product on a consistent basis. Monitor and identify trends in adoption and utilization and provide guidance to customers. Maximize client retention, satisfaction and ultimately success while also driving revenue growth and ensuring renewals. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Organization: Imperva
The Customer Success Manager will be responsible for ensuring high customer satisfaction and account success. You will have a broad group of internal business relationships and work with sales, services and engineering teams to support successful adoption and usage of the product. Represent the voice of the customer across Imperva, managing customer surveys, sharing insights and customer stories, and defining feature requests.  
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Published June 3, 2020

Role: Client Success Specialist
Location:  New York, US
Organization: Productsup
Productsup is looking for someone who can build longlasting relationships with their clients. In your role, you’ll have to oversee the day-to-day account management and training activities for your assigned clients by working closely with other functional departments within the company.  
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Role: Director of Customer Success – Enterprise
Location: Remote, San Francisco, US
Organization: Apollo GraphQL
As a Director of Customer Success- Enterprise, You will have to create onboarding plans for their enterprise customers, ensuring they are set up for success at the onset of their relationship with Apollo. Work with the sales team to drive the expansion of Apollo’s offerings with existing customers. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager, Enterprise
Location:  San Francisco, CA, US
Organization: Drift
CSM ensures their customers launch Drift successfully, adopt it into their organization, and achieve the results. Provide strategic guidance to your portfolio of customer base, closely collaborating with the Account Management and Product teams to ensure your customer base is successful and growing. Position yourself and Drift as trusted advisors to the customers.
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Role: Customer Success Manager
Location:  Sydney, Australia
Organization: Lucid, LLC
The Customer Success Manager works with Lucid’s customers or partners by establishing strategic relationships with new and existing users, setting critical performance goals, and then acting as a consultative resource to help clients achieve their goals. You are also responsible for training and onboarding new users, ensuring client satisfaction through renewals, evaluating client growth strategies, generating usage reports, and maximizing upsell opportunities by engaging with Sales, Solutions, Product Development, Product Management, Support, and Training as necessary.  
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Role: Customer Success Manager
Location: ROM-Bucharest, Romania
Organization: PTC
Customer Success Manager at PTC is responsible for the growth and success of their enterprise customers by helping them get the most value out of their investments in PTC solutions. Own the customer relationship as well as manage a portfolio of services that their customers can consume flexibly to meet their ever-changing needs. 
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Role: Customer Success Consultant- APAC
Location: Bangalore, India
Organization: G2
G2 is seeking a dedicated Customer Success Consultant covering the entire Asia Pacific region who will work with customers post-sale by guiding them through the onboarding process and long-term adoption of their product(s). Act as a consultant for customers to drive adoption of the upgraded product(s), as well as build strong long-term relationships with all levels of stakeholders while discovering new contacts. This role will report to the Director of Implementation and Support in the US but will work strategically with their leader of the Asia Pacific region. 
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Published June 2, 2020

Role: Customer Success Manager
Location: Atlanta, GA, US
Organization: ProKeep
In this role, you will be reporting to the Director of Customer Success, this Entry Level Customer Success Manager (CSM) will support the customer lifecycle as it relates to user adoption, on-going support, platform optimization and expansion.  
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Role: Customer Success Manager- East Coast
Location: Remote, US
Organization:  WhiteHat Security
The Customer Success Manager (CSM) is responsible for driving customer growth, adoption and success with WhiteHat. You should be able to articulate the value of WhiteHat to inspire and support customer adoption and expansion. CSM position is the customer’s navigational guide throughout each phase of the customer’s journey from onboarding to renewal. You will work with customer contacts up to the CXO level, as well as, internal department contacts to provide a high-touch experience for strategic customers.  
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Role: Federal Engagement Manager
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
Organization: Expanse
Federal Engagement Managers are crucial to ensuring the success of their engagements with NSD clients, thus enabling Expanse to build a new cybersecurity product category. This role will identify processes, product features, and deployment strategies that pave the way for Expanse to scale quickly both within existing customers and to new customer bases. NSD Engagement Managers will work with senior team members and executives across Expanse to continually improve product performance and impact, affect customer retention, and facilitate rapid feedback loops between product, marketing, and users. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager
Location: Munich, DE, Germany
Organization: Alasco
In this role, you will act as a partner and consultant for their customers and represent their interests. You will communicate and coordinate the roadmap of customers to the product team and thus make a decisive contribution to the constant development of the product.  
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Role: Customer Success Manager – EMEA
Location: London, UK
In this role, you will be acting as a liaison between product management and the customer with a focus on communicating the roadmap and how the roadmap will influence customer activities. Also develop success plans for customers that outline their critical success factors, metrics for success, potential issues, and provide recommendations. 
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Role: Engagement Manager II
Location: Beijing, China
Organization: Akamai Technologies
As an Engagement Manager, you will focus on maximizing customer satisfaction, retention and growth throughout the lifecycle of the customer experience. You will help to build and evolve customers’ media streaming, performance and security strategies. 
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Published June 1, 2020

Role: Director of Customer Success
Location: Newyork, US
Organization: Pixalate
Pixalate is looking for someone who can lead their International Customer Success team in New York. Drive positive customer success outcomes: retention, expansion, churn reduction, client advocacy, and account lifetime value. Ensure Pixalate product adoption, client satisfaction and account health. Your main aim is to maintain active relationships with client accounts through regular and consistent engagement, demonstrating deep market knowledge and programmatic expertise. 
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Role: Customer Success Operations Specialist
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
Organization:  Zignal Labs
In this role, You will work cross-functionally with Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Finance, Legal and Product to develop and refine strategy, policies, processes and the tech stack to support our Customer Value (CV) business needs and revenue retention. Maintain customer-facing NPS/CSAT surveys to ensure the accurate capture of customer feedback You will have to make an impact by helping to increase retention, reduce internal friction between customer-facing teams, and enable business insight as well as efficiency. This role will be reporting to the Manager of Revenue Operations, you will be responsible for supporting all revenue-generating teams with a focus on supporting the Customer Value teams (Customer Success, Implementation, Strategy & Insights).  
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Role: Head of Customer Success
Location: Newyork, US
Organization: Catalyst Software 
As Catalyst’s Head of Customer Success, you’ll own the Catalyst’s entire CS strategy. Lead and enable a team to serve as the voice of the customer to Catalyst’s internal teams, promoting a customer-centric mindset across the organization. Serve as a strategic advisor to the customers by providing recommendations on how Catalyst can address their goals, needs, and pain points. You’ll be a member of the leadership team, and will report directly to the CEO.  
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Role: Customer Success Advisor 
Location: Sydney, Australia
Organization: Illumio
As a Customer Success Advisor (CSA), you are a critical part of the Customer Success Organization reporting to the Head of Customer Success. You will be responsible for Customer adoption, renewals, expansion, growth and retention. Your role will be directly tied to value generation for their customers, by helping them develop the right strategy to onboard, adopt, and successfully utilize Illumio’s products to achieve their desired outcomes.  
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Role: Engagement Manager
Location: London, UK
Organization: SS&C Advent
In this role you will focus on the implementation of new clients and everything that comes with that onboarding process meaning, learning of the entire process and detailed knowledge of the clients’ requirements. Track client satisfaction on all project and report on trends and enhancements to help improve service delivery. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager
Location: Singapore
Organization: Equinix
CSM at Equinix is responsible for ownership and resolution of customer issues. Your role is to proactively identify trends with Customer in region and methods to improve Customer Experience. You will be involved in regional Account team planning and coordination. As a CSM you will play a role in the delivery of Quarterly Business Review. You are responsible for managing and delivering on a service improvement plan. In this role, you will lead the on-going customer service relationship and serve as the primary point of contact through the client lifecycle. You will be the client advocate, responsible for the overall satisfaction of clients.  
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