360 customer insights

360-view of customer

data and insights in one place

A meaningful and actionable 360-view of customer that allows you to stay on top, assess risk, evaluate health, dive deeper, configure to your needs and take actions

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360 view of customer
360-degree customer view

One view for your success

Get all your customer data and insights in a single view including health score, product usage, customer profile, task managament, support tickets, financial details and engagement trends.

Configurable Widgets To Create Your
360 View Of The Customer

Configure and align dashboard widgets to get an effective and meaningful view that suits your requirement. See customer data by category, phases or CSMs. Set alerts for entire portfolio, accounts or event-based. Build ticket and task management view to present the most relevant data for you.

Configurable widgets for 360 customer view
Action oriented 360 customer view

Action-oriented Dashboard That Lets You Execute Effectively

Dive deeper into insights and take actions straight from the 360-view dashboard. Extensive account feeds and alerts keep you well informed. SmartKarrot's powerful personalization and action engine allows you to seamlessly automate and execute.

Never Miss A Thing

See the entire history of activity and milestones for an account in a easy to consume timeline view.

Initiate action from within this screen and cover all aspects of your plan without truly missing a thing.

Customer timeline view

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