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Get ready for better customer outcomes.

See the full picture of every account, make informed decisions, and provide personalized solutions with the help of our intelligent platform.
No more manual data entry

SmartKarrot seamlessly integrates with existing systems, consolidating all relevant customer data into a single, user-friendly interface.

True seamless collaboration

Our centralized platform enables real-time updates, workflow management, and notifications that foster effective collaboration both internally and externally.

Intelligent insights

Our Intelligence engine provides guidance and key information around revenue, delivery, sentiment and engagement allowing you to be proactive and efficient.


Supercharge your Portfolio: Gain Control, Drive Results

Our platform gives you a comprehensive view of relevant data so you don’t have to search through multiple systems or wait on colleagues.

Get the full picture and make informed decisions that work for your customers

Customer 360 view

Automated workflows

Task management


Fuel your Success: Expand Accounts with Confidence

Easily identify opportunities, nurture, and close deals using data-driven insights.

As your portfolio grows, SmartKarrot’s automation will take over repetitive tasks and let you focus on high-value activities.

Expansion analytics

Delivery analytics

Risk intelligence


Cultivate Accountability: Scalable, Org-wide Results

We make it easy to get everyone onboard with what your customer needs. Our platform promotes clear goal setting and facilitates multi-BU communication.

Establish best practices and automate workflows to ensure smooth scalability.

Task assignment and tracking

Standardized processes

Performance tracking


Enhance Relationships: Personalized and Targeted Communication

Effectively manage key stakeholders, strengthen relationships, provide personalized support, and drive long-term success.

Access detailed insights and metrics that capture engagement, preferences, buying patterns, and sentiment analysis.

Expansion analytics

Delivery analytics

Risk intelligence


Standard processes, faster.

A leader in retail analytics achieved an 18% reduction in onboarding time by implementing Playbooks across multiple roles.


Smarter operations are just a [click] away.

See how SmartPlaybooks can work for you.

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