Operationalize Customer Success Best Practices With Automated Success Plays

Leverage Best Practices

Utilize best practices instantly through out-of-the-box, customizable templates for everything from onboarding to advocacy.

Ensure Consistent Outcomes

Standardize processes and workflows for consistent customer experiences and outcomes—with no slips through the cracks.

Automate Team Workflows

Launch playbooks and assign tasks automatically to the right team members at the right time based on pre-defined criteria.

Gain Efficiency and Scale

Effortlessly scale operations by empowering your team with prescriptive and timely guidance at their fingertips.

Deliver Consistent Experience And Outcomes At Scale

SmartKarrot Success Plays enable you to codify best practices, intelligently automate them, and consistently execute them for unparalleled success.

Create And Automate Success Plays With Ease

Create Success Plays in just a few steps to automate your customer success best practices for any scenario your team regularly encounters. With processes already in place, you can create anything from a customer success onboarding playbook to playbooks for renewals or upsells and everything in between.

Use Templates For Easy And Consistent Processes

Start with existing customer success playbook templates or create your own to reuse and customize for each process. Templates will allow you to create new Success Plays in minutes and repeat those that are most effective.

Categorize Success Plays For Simple Organization

Create specific categories for your Success Plays so you can view, track and manage each Success Play and use different templates for each of your customer success playbooks. Customize your categories to fit your needs and add or change them anytime.

Assign Based On Your Criteria

Automatically assign Success Plays actions to the right team members at the right time based on pre-defined criteria (or manually, if so needed). Trigger playbooks based on powerful event-based criteria to always be proactive and never miss an opportunity.

Manage Success Plays And Assignees

View the number of Success Plays currently in use, the number of accounts impacted and how many CSMs have Success Plays in action for easy overall management of all of your playbooks.

Gain Insights On All Success Plays At A Glance

View the total number of Success Plays created, which accounts are impacted, which CSMs are involved, and the status of each category in one place. Always know where your team stands and how your Success Plays are performing.


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