Cisco Customer Experience Advanced Specialization with SmartKarrot

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Cisco Customer Experience Specialization

Cisco’s Customer Experience Specialization enables Cisco Partners to be recognized as trusted providers in an increasingly SaaS and recurring revenue marketplace. The specialization also entitles partners to significant incentives and rebates from Cisco.

A critical step in passing the Specialization Audit is demonstrated customer success capabilities.  

As a trusted customer success technology partner, SmartKarrot helps Cisco Partners satisfy every critical tool requirement and earn their CX Specialization faster.


Surpass Cisco Customer Experience Specialization
Requirements with SmartKarrot

Meet Tools Requirements

Meet all critical tool capabilities requirement for CX Specialization faster and more efficiently with SmartKarrot’s comprehensive customer success platform.

  • Playbooks
  • Customer Profiles
  • Customer Monitoring
  • Upsell Opportunities and Churn Risk
  • Custom Triggers
  • Product Engagement
  • Customer Health Scores

Deliver world-class customer success at scale

Get 360°
Customer View

Get all customer data and actionable insights in a single view to deliver personalized experiences.


Deliver, track, and automate personalized onboarding journeys at scale to jumpstart customer success.

Increase Product

Monitor product usage across segments to drive adoption and make informed product success decisions.

Enhance Customer

Deliver best-in-class experiences across the journey to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Predict & Prevent

Proactively identify at-risk customers and take timely, preventive actions to minimize churn risk.

Drive Upsells &

Easily identify and act on cross-sell and upsell opportunities to drive account expansion and growth.

Foster Customer

Turn your customers into engaged advocates and leverage their authentic voices to help drive growth

Improve Team

Empower your team with all the data, actionable insights, and automation to improve productivity.

  • Easy to adopt and use.
  • Fast deployment, no dependencies.
  • Customizable to your exact needs.
  • Trusted, top-rated.

Fast-track your Cisco CX Specialization.
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