Customer Success Automation

Add Scale And Bring Efficiency With

Customer Success Automation

Automate your actions, accounts alerts, internal and external communication, notifications, surveys, referrals and much more to manage your tech-touch.

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Automated account feed

Automate Your Alerts And Triggers
To Stay Notified Real-time

Customer success automation for your alerts based on every events, accounts or CSMs and access under notifications on your dashboard. Automation allows CSMs to scale sneak-peak into all of their accounts in no time.

Real time customer success automation
Trigger based automation

Send Automated
Notifications and Emails

Create segments or user groups to automatically notify and communicate based on their journey or usage behavior for meaningful engagement. Leverage variety of templates to automatically communicate across various mediums.

Schedule Referrals And Survey Communications
For higher Effectiveness

This powerful but simple engine is what will drive your tech-touch automations. Create complex rules, isolate behavior patterns and create automated multi-channel touchpoints.

Customer success survey automation

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