Churn rate

Fundamentals of Reducing SaaS Churn Rate

The cost of acquiring a new client is 5–25 times more than retaining a new one. Therefore, if you are looking to grow a successful SaaS business, you have to manage churn. A high churn rate provides a general perception of unsatisfactory services. Other than losing clients, you will find it hard attracting new ones….

Negative churn

5 Strategies for Achieving Negative Churn in Customer Success

Businesses that deliver their services through a SaaS model have to prioritize customer retention. Maintaining existing customers is as important — if not more important — as acquiring new customers. But SaaS success goes beyond customer retention. The right combination of sales and customer success management produces a positive customer relationship that helps customers attain…

Customer Retention

5 Effective SaaS Customer Retention Tips

Providing solutions through a SaaS model is a great way to develop and nurture enduring customer relationships. As a SaaS provider, your business is, however, dependent upon retaining customers. Unlike companies that deal with single transactions, your customer’s ongoing success is more crucial than any feature or benefit that your software offers. SaaS is convenient,…


Don’t react to Churn — Prevent it!

The key to preventing churn is taking a customer-focused view and orienting and simplifying all activities around it. For software as a service (SaaS) companies, customer churn is a constant concern. You can have the best platform on the market and stellar customer service and still lose customers every month. Of course, there are always…