Customer Success


How to Excel at Customer Success

Customer success as the name suggests is about your customer’s success. And this success goes beyond mere satisfaction and maximum usage of your product and Customer Success Program. It needs to be defined from the customer’s point of view. How does your customer describe a great experience? What are the goals they are trying to…

client onboarding template

The #1 client onboarding template

Client onboarding is the phase when you start building a relationship with your client. It is the time when you get a chance to create a positive perception about your company in your customer’s mind. The best way to avoid any confusion or missing out on any step during onboarding is to follow a client…

client onboarding checklist

The #1 client onboarding checklist

With a subscription based business model, it is of utmost important that you provide a delightful customer experience in every interaction with your clients. That is the only way to make sure that your client stays for long term with your business. Getting started with a client in the right way is most important in…


The Comprehensive Guide to Set up KRAs for Customer Success

Are you looking to set up ‘KRAs for your customer success managers’?  It is highly likely that you are in the subscription business.  Well, let’s reword that.   You are in the ‘relationship’ business.  In the SaaS world, your customers are paying for the experience that your product, services, and people offer. And if that experience happens to be a good one, then…

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