Augmented Intelligence

Deliver Predictive Insights with

Augmented Intelligence

Blend AI and automation to improve decision making and actions for enhanced outcomes.

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Deliver Predictive Insights with Augmented Intelligence

Drive Efficient Decisions and Actions through Humanized Tech

Simplify Actions and Decisions

Enhance capabilities to process information easily and suggest solutions.

Touchpoint Management
Synchronizes Processes

Illustrates real-time actionable insights that balance and create a cordial relation across departments- no missed opportunities within teams.

Manage Onboarding
Frees up Time

Reduces time spent for non-productive tasks automatically so that CS team members can prioritize intelligently.

Automate Tasks Alerts & Actions
Effectively Scale Operations

Limited human intervention and ample human intelligence coupled with automation to reduce operational costs.

Enhance Customer Outcomes and Drive Success with AI

SmartKarrot Augmented Intelligence is a smart enterprise assistant that delivers customer-centric outcomes by fusing human intelligence with automation for best results.

AI in Product Integration

AI in Product Integration

Intelligently recognize all events and update the system to simplify actions for the customer. With a few clicks, the customer can pick an event saving time and effort. Also, no data slips through the cracks. 

Account Mapping Simplified

Automatically map accounts to touchpoints. CSMs can easily sieve through multiple accounts- their calendars, messages and deliver accordingly. Stakeholder engagement is simpler, strategic, and proactive.

Account Mapping Simplified
Efficient Account Management

Efficient Account Management

Automate intelligent rule set ups to assign accounts under pre-decided verticals. Saves your time and allocates tasks in human-like behavior.

Structured Playbook Assignment

Reduce manual workload by automatically structuring playbooks. Allocate playbooks at scale, combine segments of playbook templates for specific accounts and scenarios. Limited human intervention but human intelligence.

Structured Playbook Assignment
Effective Team Management

Effective Team Management

Set team KPIs and processes, allocate targets- quarterly, monthly, track them. You can correlate trends, metrics, touchpoints, communication, and identify spots that need improvement with augmented intelligence.

Predictive Health Scoring

Corelate health scores with customer actions for better adaption, alignment. Predict health score compositions and what is better for the customer.

Predictive Health Scoring
Predict Churn Proactively

Predict Churn Proactively

Intelligently predict accounts of interest, highlight them, and work to arrest churn. This will help proactively retain customers.

Expand Accounts Easily

Identify accounts of interest for upsells, cross sells and automate this expansion. Augmented intelligence assists revenue expansion and analyses account performance.

Expand Accounts Easily

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