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Every action has an equal and opposite reaction! That’ what Newton’s 3rd Law states.

At SmartKarrot, our vision is that every action & possible reaction in the form of communication and rewards/incentives should be configurable and consumable as a service with minimal need to code.

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The History

As Prithwi (Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, SmartKarrot) built and scaled his prior business unit, there were multiple instances wherein the need to better engage multiple stakeholders was felt.

It was challenging to manage customer feedback at multiple touchpoints across the customer life cycle. There were similar issues in employee engagement and motivation, and even with the customer’s customer. Even with the right intent and ideas, it was very difficult to implement these programs at a granular level. The need to make code changes to core systems and associated budgets and multi-functional dependencies made the implementation quite challenging. Also, a big gap remained in not being able to link incentives & rewards directly to expected actions and desired behavior.

Arnab (Chief Platform Officer & Co-Founder, SmartKarrot) in his prior experiences of starting and scaling multiple businesses, had faced similar challenges. His primary discussions with Prithwi were around the challenges faced by mobile apps to run referral, feedback and communication programs and contracts with minimal investment of time and money.

Their common interest and exposure to the healthcare, consumer management, employee management and education ecosystem via work and investments lead them to believe in this being a common challenge across the board and this is how the vision of a Platform-as-a-service with an extensive set of consumable features for engagement and incentive management  was born.

The Team


Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Prithwi is passionate about customer success and building organizations around this simple tenet. He has over 20+ years of experience in creating profitable book of businesses and building performing teams and functions. In his prior role, Prithwi led his business unit to grow thirty-fold with revenue nearing $60M.


Chief Platform Officer and Co-Founder

Arnab is an experienced entrepreneur and has spent 20+ years handling design & development in the global delivery model. His prior role as the Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer of a high growth US Healthcare technology organization, where he was responsible for all R&D, kept him close to his passion for technology and innovations.


Director, Client Services

Rohan has 10+ years of experience in client services, communication and hospitality field. His prior role was heading digital marketing for a hi-tech mobile application. At SmartKarrot, Rohan is responsible for digital marketing and client services.

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