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We aren’t just any Customer Success platform.
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Success for All

At SmartKarrot, our company culture truly reflects our identity. We strive to grow our exceptional team of builders, innovators, and matchmakers.

We are co-creating a culture where we encourage growth and celebrate our successes. We are a high-energy, fast-growth, innovative, fun company that welcomes anyone who is more ambitious than average. We want our team and customers to enjoy the journey, while avoiding unnecessary stress.

This is what we’re known for.
These are our core values.


Truly believing in Customer Success for All means caring deeply about the success of our customers, teams, and community.

We collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds and amplify voices at all levels.


Our candor, transparency, authenticity, and objectivity mean you never have to doubt what you’re getting from SmartKarrot.

We will always share relevant information, even when it’s hard.


We learn rapidly and eagerly, seeking alternate perspectives and challenging assumptions along the way.

We are always in search of great ideas.


Quality data is our gold standard.

We use this to inform our intuition, guide our decisions, set long term goals, and focus on results over activities.


With SmartKarrot, you know we will always collaborate with your long-term goals in mind.

Our success is aligned with your success.


We know we are the new kid on the block.

Our desire to grow and evolve means we will constantly innovate, simplify, take smart risks, and learn from failure.

Meet the

Our team is passionate, smart, and diverse. We strive to create an environment where everyone is able to do their best work.

Arnab Chatterjee

Founder & Chief Product Officer

For over 20 years, Arnab has led the development and design of the latest technology. Previously, he was the Co-founder and CIO of a healthcare technology company in the US, where he was responsible for all R&D related to clients’ needs.

Prithwi Dasgupta

Founder & CEO

Prithwi's focus is on providing value - value for customers, value for employees. In his previous role, he grew his business unit over 30 times by focusing on retention, engagement, and value. Along with his role as the CEO, Prithwi is also the “Chief Success Partner” for SmartKarrot's customers and team.

Our Core Team

Sathish Kumar

Director – Sales

Stanley Deepak

Sr. Director – Customer Success

Joseph Henson

Sr. Manager – Sales

Anshi Bhadoria

Director - Partner Success

Rohan Sheth

Director - Client Services

Rakhin Veliyambra

Director - Client Services

Dattatraya Shetty

Director - Implementation

Surojit Ain

Director - Quality

Anurup Gaurav

Director - Marketing

Shweta Ratnaparkhi

Director – People Practice

Ritesh Kaul

Customer Success Officer

Vikram Rao

Chief Design Officer

Erica Crossfield

Senior Brand Manager

Sandhya Subramanyan

Manager, Customer Success

Bry’Ana Arvie

Social Media Manager

Our Advisors

Arvind Mehrotra

Strategic Advisor

Gaurav Agarwal

Financial Advisor

Geoff Charron


Tracey Edwards

Strategic Advisor

We’re Global & Growing

From our hub in Dallas, we seamlessly collaborate with customers, advisors, and experts from all over the world.


  • Dallas
  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Boston


  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai
  • Delhi


  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom

Resources & Insights


Customer Success Intelligence Podcast

In Episode 26, our CEO chats with Irit Eizips about the evolution of AI-Powered Customer Success.

Articles & Blog

Current insights, resources, inspiration, and ideas that will help take your Customer Success team to the next level.

Customer Success Surveys

We survey CS Teams from all over the world to get their feedback on current industry trends and what they see for the future of CS.

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