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Comprehensive PX

Your window into customer behavior

SmartKarrot’s proprietary product usage score is included for every product you integrate. Easily access your top/bottom usage accounts for every portfolio.


Flexibility in product event capture

Cover usage across multiple products and versions

SmartKarrot helps you identify patterns in user behavior across product lines. You can use the event data to create dynamic segments and engage users accordingly.


Focus on the sticky features

Drill down feature usage

SmartKarrot provides very granular drill downs into individual features, associated users and personas.


Get closer to your customers

All the usage analytics you need

Easy access to feature usage, custom utilization metrics, user and persona lists enable you to be in control.


Standard processes, faster.

A leader in retail analytics achieved an 18% reduction in onboarding time by implementing Playbooks across multiple roles.


Smarter operations are just a [click] away.

See how SmartPlaybooks can work for you.

Resources & Insights

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Customer Success Intelligence Podcast

In Episode 26, our CEO chats with Irit Eizips about the evolution of AI-Powered Customer Success.

Customer Success Blog

Articles & Blog

Current insights, resources, inspiration, and ideas that will help take your Customer Success team to the next level.

Customer Success Survey

Customer Success Surveys

We survey CS Teams from all over the world to get their feedback on current industry trends and what they see for the future of CS.

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