Customer Intelligence

Easily Manage Your Account Portfolio with

Proactive and Actionable Account Intelligence

Stay on top of all your accounts effortlessly, so nothing slips through the cracks.

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Customer Intelligence

Save Time And Be More Proactive
With Actionable Intelligence

Easily Identify Red Flags

Know when an account’s at-risk so you can address any potential issues before they churn.

Touchpoint Management
Pinpoint Growth Opportunity

Get insight you can use to help your customers value your product when you notice positive changes in their account.

Manage Onboarding
Optimize Your Time

Spend less time hunting for information and more time engaging and communicating with your customers with real-time updates.

Automate Tasks Alerts & Actions
Keep Everyone In The Loop

Ensure that everyone on an account is informed of any changes with timely notifications.

All the moving parts served on a platter

With SmartKarrot, get intelligence that’ll help you be more attentive to your customers’ needs. No need to hunt for information anymore

Real Time Intelligence

Real-time intelligence

See exactly how much change has occurred in your customer’s account daily, weekly, or monthly with over 20+ alerts. Stop spending your time in gathering data and start focusing on what you do best - helping them succeed.

Customize intelligence based on your needs

Get automatically notified when some or all your accounts’ activities fluctuate. Easily set what you want to be monitored and how to suit your needs. With custom triggers, stay updated on when renewals are due, if key personnel leave, and more in just a few clicks.

Customize Intelligence Based On Your Needs
Identify Risk And Opportunity At-A-Glance

Identify risk and opportunity at-a-glance

Always know if your customers are close to churning or when an opportunity arises. And with customer account intelligence, get an in-depth view of how accounts change, by what percentage, their latest health score, and much more tailored to each intelligence. Get the insight you need in less time and with less effort.

Keep everyone involved, informed

Minimize misunderstandings, increase productivity, and get everyone involved in the customer’s account on the same page with timely, up-to-date intelligence via email or SMS notifications.

Keep Everyone Involved Informed
View Only The Data You Need

View only the data you need

Save time with filters. Easily focus on specific alerts to give you a bird’s-eye view of what’s going on in each account so you can know what steps you need to take next. With customer intelligence, never waste time hunting for the information you need, again.

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