Churn Reduction

Proactively identify at-risk customers and
pre-define the course of action to prevent churn.

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Early Warning Insights

Industry Challenges In
Customer Churn Reduction



Churning is caused by unimplemented measures that should be proactively planned from initial phases of the customer’s journey. Reactive plans during or after the customer decides to part-away is a delayed reaction and does not favour an account from churning.



Churn reduction procedure begins with the identification of at-risk accounts. The challenge involves analysing multiple parameters and data elements residing in multiple systems.

Experience Management

Experience Management

A common process for engaging with versatile customers does not help the customer to drive results. Inconsistent and non-contextual experiences contribute to churn.

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Identify And Prevent Churns Proactively

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Portfolio Analysis

Timely identification of potential at-risk accounts for building churn preventive plans.

SmartKarrot helps you to identify at-risk accounts indicating an opportunity for expansion through health score, elemental insight and touchpoint management.

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Touchpoint Management

Navigating the customer across across the stage of their journey for reducing churn probability.

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SmartKarrot helps you create, track and implement optimal customer touchpoint management plan for your organization.

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Success Plans

Easy execution of consistent plan across varied customer portfolios.


SmartKarrot allows easy rollout of success plans using a combination of tasks, alerts and touchpoint management.

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Automation leads to effective engagement for individual accounts.


SmartKarrot is built with a premium automation engine for engagement across multiple channels . This reduces the chances of missing or delaying crucial activities.

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Personalised interactions help in creating quality experience leading to longer client retentions.


SmartKarrot allows complex personalization strategies for quality interactions with key stakeholders resulting in higher client retentions.

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