Drive Experience Success Leveraging Right Tools And Frameworks

Behavioral Analytics

Capture user behavior through detailed usage intelligence. Identify drop-off points and touchpoint effectiveness.

Hyper - Personalization

Make all your interactions relevant. Create specific population of users and configure reactions on behavior triggers.

Comprehensive Actions

Drive digital user behavior using extensive set of actions including in-product communication and multi-channel rich notifications. Configure and run surveys and referral programs.

Monitor And Measure

Drive transformation by extensive tracking and measuring the right metric.

Experience Success Leads To Enhanced Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty!

360 Behavioral analytics

Granular segmentation

Automated touchpoints

Trigger-driven actions

Rich notifications

Pulse feedback

Referral program

Single Slider Heading

Personalize, Engage and Track all your Experience Success Efforts

Comprehensive Customer Experience At Your Fingertips

Create user groups and segments based on your feature usage and/ or event triggers. Create a sub-set of users across portfolio or account to design and execute personalized campaigns. Set a rule to populate later user group as per the event or save a predefined limited user segment for personalized interventions.

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Drive Customer Experience Leveraging The Right Tools And Frameworks

Automate campaigns like push notifications, emails, triggers, NPS survey, qualitative surveys, referrals, etc. Drill down at each level to define a rule, select medium, schedule based on time or event to suit to your customers. Intervention made most impactful via plethora of options and rules.

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Personalize, Engage and Track your Customer Experience Efforts

Monitor and measure your goal-driven campaigns with detailed campaign analytics on notification, emails, referral, surveys and others. Define your next course of action or improve the current campaigns with these actionable insights allowing you to take personalized actions straight from the dashboard.

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