Task management

Seamless Task Management And

Customer Success Operations

Integrate your task management system to drive efficiencies across customer success operations. Create, manage and track all tasks to closure.

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Customer success operations
Customer success operations and task management

Customer Success Operations
On Your Dashboard

Automate your alerts based on every events, accounts or CSMs and access under notifications on your dashboard. Automation allows CSMs to scale sneak-peak into all of their accounts in no time and drive customer success operations efficiently.

Single-sign-on To Task
Management System

Access your entire task management platform straight from SmartKarrot dashboard. Create and manage tasks for your entire team. We provide you seamless experience to bring efficiency and scale to your team.

Task management dashboard
Task account feeds

Scale Day-Day
Customer Success Operations

Track critical tasks and milestones across multiple functions. Chase that upsell opportunity down, manage that escalation!

Catch Them Real Time

Create trigger driven communication and guidance within your product and real time. Create great experiences for all - first time user to power user.

Automate notifications for customer success scale

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