Surveys And Pulse

Customer surveys, feedback and pulse

within your ecosystem

Make it easy for your customers. Don't make them leave your ecosystem. Configure and automate across NPS, detailed customer surveys, pulse on triggers etc. all from one interface.

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Customer survey templates
Customer survey feedback

Drive Feedback From
Within Your Product

From complex customer surveys, NPS and simple pulse feedbacks - you can configure all to appear within your product. You no longer need to force your customers to go outside your ecosystem to provide feedback.

Initiate Feedback
On Triggers

Configure trigger driven feedbcak loops to drive sentiment around new feature, first time usage etc. Drive customer usage behaviors across the different phases - from onboarding to advocacy.

Real time customer survey
Customer survey NPS template

Experience Management

Easy configurations allow you to customize all aspects of the feedback process per your brand and design guidelines.

The feedback process itself is an important touchpoint in tha overall customer experience. Ask the relevant feedback at the right time to the right people.

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