Early Warning System

Build Your
Customer Success
Early Warning System

And Avoid Surprises

Create real-time alerts based on events, triggers, milestones or a complex combination of these to get early indicators towards the customers health.

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Customer success early warning system
Real time early warning indicators

Acess Real-time Indicators
Straight From Your Dashboard

Your platform dashboard is the coffee view that you need to gear up for the day. Access all real-time alerts in a single view. Automate your customer success early warning system.

Create Complex And Nested Alerts
To Derive The Right Indicator

Turn the lagging indicators into leading indicators by creating complex rules across stakeholders changes, usage drop, contract expiration, milestones and many more.

Nested alerts
Actionable early warning view

Take Actions Instantly From The Early Warning View

Let the alert not be wasted. Take action straight from your dashboard - create task, a ticket, send a communication, notify team, or dive deeper to get the root cause. Everything that you need to turn red to green!

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