Product Adoption

Drive SaaS Product Adoption Across

Various Phases Of The Lifecycle

You cannot drive success without your product being consistently used.

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SaaS product adoption heatmap
Product adoption feature heatmap

Feature Heatmaps
And Drill Downs

Simple views to see which of your features are used most and least. Do you want to influence and guide your users? With SmartKarrot, you can.

Arrest Drop-offs
and Drive Product Adoption

Find out which events drive most usage. Capture drop-offs easily and take appropriate action. Few clicks to identify, few clicks to configure. drive SaaS product adoption through SmartKarrot!

Product Adoption Curve
SaaS product adoption trends

Comprehensive Product Adoption Views

Get real time feeds on usage. Our success oriented architecture enables you to connect the dots seamlessly from getting the right insights to taking the appropriate action.

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