Account Expansion Using
Upsell And Cross Sell

Identify, monitor and execute timely account expansions with real-time reports and indicators.

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Industry Challenges In
Up-sell & Cross-sell


Cross- sell / up-sell are anticipated from highly optimised accounts. Failure in timely identification of potential accounts for expansion leads higher lost opportunities..

High Touch &
Tech Touch Consistency

Maintaining a consistent touchpoint cadence across high-touch and tech-touch clients influences effective operations and improved customer experience.

Effective Execution

Effective execution of essential course of action creates account expansion opportunities. Personalised upsell interactions during the right time helps higher sales conversions

We Help You To
Strategize Account Expansions Easily

Portfolio Analysis

Timely identification of potential up-sell/cross-sell accounts for building execution plans.

SmartKarrot helps you to identify developing accounts indicating an opportunity for expansion through health score, elemental insight and touchpoint management.

Touchpoint Management

Appropriate interactions with varied user roles to analyse precise requirements.

SmartKarrot helps create a combination of touch points consisting manual, hybrid and tech-touch. This enables you to monitor, track and organise account based upsell plans.

Success Plans

Easy execution of consistent plan across varied customer portfolios for expansion possibilities.

SmartKarrot allows easy rollout of success plans using a combination of tasks, alerts and touchpoint management leading towards increasing account expansion rates.


Automation leads to effective engagement for individual accounts.

SmartKarrot is built with a premium automation engine for engagement across multiple channels . This reduces the chances of missing or delaying crucial activities.


Personalised interactions for creating quality experience.

SmartKarrot allows complex personalization strategies for quality interactions with key stakeholders resulting in better expansion possibilities.

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