Industry Challenges In User Adoption

Recurring Value

Product value is an ongoing element that needs to experienced across the customer success lifecycle. Customers generally realise product value during initial phases of purchase where the value perception gradually declines over time.


Customer engagement needs to be maintained steadily and at an optimal level across the lifecycle. Engagements are at a peak during the onboarding and activation stages which slowly drops after the user gets familiar and learns the product’s basic usage.

Actionable Insights

Insights need to be gleaned from multiple data sources and acted upon at the right time for it to be effective in driving adoption. Accurate reporting during appropriate time can help navigating customers towards the right direction.

We Help You To Drive User Adoption Smartly

User Behavior Tracking

Understanding product utilization via frequency, range and extent..


Creating unique behaviour-based action plans to address contextual interactions.


Appropriate assistance based to relevant user segments.

Real Time

Intervene at the right time.

Experience And Feedback

Easy Feedbacks and experience evaluations
throughout customer’s journey is a critical
aspect driving adoption.


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