The ChurnZero Alternative

Customer Success Simplified.

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ChurnZero alternative

The ChurnZero Alternative.

Do You Have A Product
That Your Customers Love? Not Sure?

Integrate your platform with SmartKarrot to deep dive into user behavior, feature heatmap, events alerts and triggers. Marry product insights with customer financial, engagement and sentiment data to get a comprehensive Health Score. Last but not the least, drive product engagement straight from SmartKarrot platform!

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Cost-effective ChurnZero competitor

Too Many Systems
To Manage?

Integrate all your tools and platforms with SmartKarrot to get a single view of your customer. SmartKarrot dashboard offers 360-view of customer including Health Score, financial data, tickets, tasks, trends and alerts and notification. Stay within SmartKarrot environment to manage all your customer success tasks and activities. SmartKarrot, the ChurnZero alternative.

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Have Your Customers
Gone Numb?

Don’t let that happen ever! Engage your customers, personalize your communication, set event based effective alerts to keep your customers meaningfully engaged. Hear them well, engage them better for meaningful outcomes.

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Easy to implement ChurnZero alternative
Customer Success Platform ChurnZero

Fear Of Being
A Prisoner Account?

Are you not entirely satisfied, nor seeing enough value, but continue to stay engage and pay for the platform that doesn’t add value to you? Look nowhere else, switch to SmartKarrot. Try the platform for free for two weeks and see it working for you before you spend a dime. SmartKarrot is entirely customizable to align to your needs to be able to bring value to your business.

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Worried About Data
Security and Privacy?

SmartKarrot is GDPR compliant solution and we are highly sensitive to data privacy and security laws. However, if your business demands utmost security and privacy of data, we offer Private Cloud solutions as well. Deploy our solution in a Private Cloud model and do not share technical infrastructure either! SmartKarrot is a well-rounded alternative to all other customer success platforms.

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Customer Success Data Privacy
Customer Success Integration

Features - Save Time and
Reduce Stress           


SmartKarrot - We update our platform with new features at very regular intervals to improve the life of customer success teams by removing complexity, guesswork out of their daily life. Our product upgrade life cycle is frequent, faster, robust, secure, and targeted towards customer feedback.

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The less complex
and cost effective

ChurnZero Alternative

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Reduce Churn And
Grow Accounts

Proactively identify at risk and opportunity accounts.

Convert your trial customers.

Plan and execute for your high-touch and tech-touch customers.

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Drive Onboarding

Track and measure onboarding phases.

Design various touchpoints for the onboarding phase.

Personalize the onboarding experience for stakeholders.

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Improve Team

Create and manage tasks for cross functional teams.

Single simplified 360 view to keep your customers at the center.

Automate actions to improve productivity.

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Increase Product

Influence users to use your product the right way.

Track key features and drop-offs.

Manage in-application guidance and product feedback.

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Enhance Customer

Manage and influence each digital touch point positively.

Automate personalized reactions to customer behavior.

Manage experience across the journey.

Resources & Insights


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In Episode 26, our CEO chats with Irit Eizips about the evolution of AI-Powered Customer Success.

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Current insights, resources, inspiration, and ideas that will help take your Customer Success team to the next level.

Customer Success Surveys

We survey CS Teams from all over the world to get their feedback on current industry trends and what they see for the future of CS.

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