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Do you have the balance?

Customer Success Teams need a good balance of multiple account views, usage patterns, touchpoint management , operational workflows and product adoption. The balance is what allows for efficient scale in operations.

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Are you looking for Innovation?

Whether it is the ability to trigger an automated action on key stakeholder behaviour or create your own custom alerts over mobile texts for yourself - we have you covered. Check us out for more such operational nuances. They add up!

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Why choose clunky navigation?

Custom widgets, configurable interfaces and our intent of getting you to the data or information you need in 3 clicks max - makes us an easy to understand, navigate and use for your day-day operations.

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Client Success Manager

Stuck in your contract and can't get out?

Are you not entirely satisfied, nor seeing enough value, but continue to stay and pay for the platform due to a contract? We follow a principle of "No Prisoner Accounts". Try us out first and then start an annual contract with a flexible out clause should you not find value.


How about speed of response to your needs?

A "No Prisoner Account" philosophy means we are commited to showing value at every stage. We do not have the crutch of "I got you and now you are stuck with me". The SmartKarrot customer success team has to practice what it preaches!

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Customer Success Integration

Features - Save Time and
Reduce Stress

SmartKarrot - We update our platform with new features at very regular intervals to improve the life of customer success teams by removing complexity, guesswork out of their daily life. Our product upgrade life cycle is frequent, faster, robust, secure, and targeted towards customer feedback.


The less complex
and cost effective

FreshSuccess Alternative

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Reduce Churn And
Grow Accounts

Proactively identify at risk and opportunity accounts.

Convert your trial customers.

Plan and execute for your high-touch and tech-touch customers.

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Drive Onboarding

Track and measure onboarding phases.

Design various touchpoints for the onboarding phase.

Personalize the onboarding experience for stakeholders.

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Improve Team

Create and manage tasks for cross functional teams.

Single simplified 360 view to keep your customers at the center.

Automate actions to improve productivity.

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Increase Product

Influence users to use your product the right way.

Track key features and drop-offs.

Manage in-application guidance and product feedback.

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Enhance Customer

Manage and influence each digital touch point positively.

Automate personalized reactions to customer behavior.

Manage experience across the journey.

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