A holistic view of your customer’s journey capturing all crucial data

Customer data from multiple systems and touchpoints in one view, equips teams with actionable insights.

Insights that
give 360 view

Our product insights help teams improve relationships, onboarding experiences, better adoption, identify upsell opportunities, enhance lifetime value, and retain more customer accounts.


Insight by

Product Success

  • Customized account health score
  • Onboarding
  • Product adoption
  • Product feedback

Insight by

Customer Success

  • Customized account health score
  • Customer 360
  • Touchpoint management

Insight by

Experience Success

  • Customized engagement score
  • Action insights; insights on communication efforts and pulse

Actionable insights across
the customer journey

Configure scores based on organization KPIs

Define crucial parameters and weightage based on your organization’s KPIs across various phases of your customer’s journey.

Track customer behaviour across the journey

Allow your team to track product usage across various phases of your customer’s journey. Learn which customers need onboarding support, who needs guidance for better adoption, and which are ready to upsell.

Customer 360 view for personalized interactions

Customer success team gets access to all customer information through integrations i.e. tasks, support tickets, revenue and communication to better manage their digital and manual touchpoints through personalized actions.

Monitor product usage insights account-wise

Feature heat map to showcase customer’s engagement and regular usage of your product features. A leading indicator to point where customer’s requires guidance for better adoption or customer’s decision to renew or upsell your product and identify customer accounts at risk of Churn.

Action Insights to map efforts to results

View the results of various actions taken to engage customers, gather their feedback and utilize customer advocacy. Learn more and target customers that need to be re-engaged right from here.

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