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5 Reasons Why You Need Call Intelligence Right Now!

Call intelligence is the need of the hour for organizations globally. In this blog, we look at the definite reasons for which you need call intelligence right now!

Reasons Why You Need Call Intelligence
Reasons Why You Need Call Intelligence

As the internet age began, many marketing experts speculated about the death of call centers and the reduced importance of phone interactions on a business’s sales.  

But, in fact, there has been a rise in the demand for mobile devices, which has created a telephonic boom. This has resulted in the emergence of call intelligence technology.  

It has been observed that the leads generated by phone calls tend to be very valuable. With an increase in phone calls, the importance and volume of leads grew exponentially. Measuring call intelligence has become necessary to understand blind spots in conversations. Let us know all about call intelligence in this blog.

What is call intelligence? 

Call intelligence is the tracking, recording, reporting, and analyzing metrics associated with customer phone conversations. It uses customer contact data such as phone numbers to trace how customers found you and when. With call intelligence, no call data slips through cracks.

You can keep track of all leads that come in and transform the analytics to create better marketing decisions. Call intelligence helps you set routing and filtering protocols to refine marketing plans. It can be helpful to devise new strategies in marketing for customers as the information gathered is helpful in targeting.

The difference between call intelligence and call tracking 

There is a considerable difference between call tracking and call intelligence. The fact that call tracking happens frequently is known. Call intelligence, however, is when you utilize the information and data in those calls to arrive at insights that can be helpful to you.

Call intelligence allows you to convert that call data into revenue and leads. With call tracking, you just record the conversations or the event of the call itself.

With call intelligence, you can understand how you can create patterns with information. Businesses can use it to get a better idea of customers and their interactions.

5 reasons why you need call intelligence right now 

Call intelligence can be helpful for companies of all sizes and scales. When you can analyze customer interactions over the phone, email, or social- you can deliver your sales team the insights they need to improve their performance.

For example, let’s say a customer believes that the product will not work in a certain environment. You can clear the air and reassure them of the benefits of the environment. Here are five reasons your company needs call intelligence for better growth.

1. Results in high-intent interactions 

When companies can analyze call interactions, they can receive patterns of customer conversations. What are the points the customer needs more clarity on? This can result in high-intent interactions getting captured. This makes it easier for sales and marketing teams to arrive at strategies that help conversion.

You can use call intelligence to analyze behaviors, identify keywords, understand customer emotion, notice customer sentiment, and improve sales. These high-intent interactions can go a long way in becoming customers. Communication is key here, which call intelligence simplifies and tracks.

2. Helps in building a better funnel 

With call intelligence technology, you can build a better marketing funnel. Ranking marketing channels, web pages, and ad copies based on customer interaction is a great way to optimize funnels.

Call intelligence can help deliver the right message at the right time. This will considerably improve customer experience and enhance revenue. Sales and marketing funnels can be refined with call intelligence technology. You will have a better idea about what works and what doesn’t.

3. Recognizes the needs of the customers to capitalize on opportunities discovered 

Marketing and sales teams can work together to understand customer needs and build on them. This data can be received through call intelligence. The interactions and insights can help align marketing strategies accordingly and also find opportunities that can be utilized.

The call intelligence technology helps locate patches of conversation that can be helpful for sales and marketing teams. Teams can discover and identify streaks of communication in call centers that need more impact. This will help streamline needs and capitalize on opportunities.

4. Adopt machine learning to act on missed opportunities 

You can always know if someone is upset on a call, right. On similar lines, call intelligence can utilize automation and machine learning to improve outcomes. Machine learning technology can help detect upset callers, dissatisfied customers, and angry users.

These users can be retargeted to achieve better response rates. This will help catch situations that can be improved. You can unlock hidden insights and translate that into business growth when acted upon with the help of technology.

5. Minimizes revenue-impacting issues 

Call intelligence technology also offers real-time monitoring. This can help with reducing issues that can impact revenue streaming adversely. For example- if a local setting is not working for customers, call intelligence technology can send real-time alerts to the top management. This can help drive growth and improve value. You can accelerate sales with call intelligence platforms and solutions.

Call intelligence is not a limited feature. It can be used as a key to understanding customer intent better. You can predict what customers like, be prepared for market trends, dual channels of customer reach, increase avenues of communication, and optimize for efficiency.


Phone calls are the best bet for conversion as 30 to 50 percent of calls yield conversions compared to only 1 to 2 percent of clicks. 

This goes to show that there is a need for call intelligence in today’s time.  

If you miss out on the calls, chances are, you might forego the most potent sales and advertising arm of your business. 

Call intelligence can help note key points in a conversation, determine their intensity, and track progress.

The sales and marketing teams, specifically, gain actionable insights that can find a way into the team training manual.

With call intelligence technology, companies will also get an idea of how to improve communication with the team, improve insights, and tailor communication for maximum results.

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