20 of the Best Customer Testimonial Video Examples to Inspire You

20 of the Best Customer Testimonial Video Examples to Inspire You

In this blog, we discuss some of the best customer testimonial video examples that will inspire you.

20 of the Best Customer Testimonial Video Examples to Inspire You
20 of the Best Customer Testimonial Video Examples to Inspire You

In our previous blog, A Beginner’s Guide to Customer Testimonials, we have discussed customer testimonials, the different types, and the best practices for posting them.

In the write-up, we have also discussed how videos serve as an appealing format for customer testimonials. Let us sum it up for you again! Customer testimonial videos are so effective because it has real customers expressing their views/ experiences about a product or a service. The visual experience provided by videos feels much more organic and relevant to prospects. This makes customer testimonial videos more effective.

To help you understand better, we have listed the 20 best customer testimonial videos. These examples will inspire you and help you do better.

Best Customer Testimonial Video Examples

1. UI Path

The most attractive point in this customer testimonial video is that it has a genuine customer talking about the product. An existing customer talking about the product/ service is a great way to earn your prospects’ trust. Apart from that, the video content is crisp and clear and does not confuse the viewer.

Takeaway: A key takeaway from “UI Path is the software which helps …”, shows the importance of keeping it direct. Addressing the pain points is another great addon to the testimonial.

2. Cloudzero 

Your prospects would want you to know as much as they can about the product before purchasing it. Considering this, it is beneficial if your testimonials include these details. Now, that is exactly what this customer testimonial video for Cloudzero does. It includes snippets of how the product works and statistics of the results. This makes it more compelling.

Takeaway: The takeaway from the testimonial is that the video testimonial becomes even more credible and powerful when you add numbers and statistics.

3. Slack

Here comes our favorite! Slack has shown us how to get things done… time and again! This time, it has inspired us with its customer testimonial videos. The video uses a quirky approach and interviews multiple people using the product and thus talks about the advantages of using the product.

Takeaway: Do not shy away from trying to try something. Just make sure that it aligns with your marketing strategy.

4. Freshbook

The company knew very well that an offbeat approach would not work well for it. Instead, the accounting software company used a practical approach. By selecting one customer to share her experience in detail, the company hit home. The video shows the customer explaining how the product took care of her accounts so she could focus on the core business.

Takeaway: Simple and crisp video testimonials exude honesty and are thus a huge hit. 

5. PayPal

This is yet another crisp and direct customer testimonial video by SAP HANA for PayPal. A representative of the bank talks about PayPal and how it has benefited the bank. Coming from an industry expert who uses technical terms while talking, the testimonial is informative and credible too.

Takeaway: When bringing in industry experts, see that they use technical jargon that would spark interest in potential partners.

6. Epipheo

Epipheo, the video production studio, asked its client Visiquate to share a testimonial. The CEO of  Visiquate obliged and shared his experience with the platform in a detailed video. With perfectly emotional storytelling, the testimonial is just right. The inclusion of the working process of the platform makes it more credible.

Takeaway: Emotional storytelling works well in compelling you to make a decision to associate with you.

7. HubSpot

HubSpot is yet another platform that has inspired us in every way possible… this time, it did so by nailing its customer testimonial video. The platform shared a video testimonial by one of its customers Will Curran. In the testimonial, Curran, founder of the event production company ‘Endless Events,’ tells us how HubSpot played a major role in their success story. His expressions in the video are so real and passionate that prospects would be compelled to reap similar benefits; thus partnering with HubSpot.

Takeaway: Real stories with genuine emotions are a way to prospects’ hearts.

8. WhiteSource

The data security company Open Raven shares its experience with WhiteSource. The testifier starts by explaining the industry he/she that his company operates in. this way, he sets the premise of the video making it more relevant for those from the same industry. Along with the detailed explanation, we can also see WhiteSource’s logo in the video. This is a good use of their brand identity. 

Takeaway: Along with the details include brand symbols like the logo, to help keep up with consistency so customers can easily identify the brand.

9. Upserve

Upserve posted a testimonial video in which the company’s customers – restaurant owners and staff – can be seen sharing their experience working with the platform. We liked the video because it showcases the quality of the product. The use of words like “scalable,” powerful,” “go-to,” and “maximize,” by the customers showcase the quality of the product that Upserve delivers. This automatically gives the image that the product is the ultimate solution.

Takeaway: Testimonials that speak of the quality of the product are especially important as they help build its image as the best solution available. The use of power words to do the same is a clever idea.

10. Codeless

Codeless posted a customer video testimonial from one of its clients monday.com. The video describes in detail their need and what they got from Codeless. She also mentions that Codeless, the content agency, delivered 70 high-quality blog posts in about a month.

The video is quite detailed as the customer with precise details of her experience. In addition to this, she also recommends the product and reasons it well. She also quantifies the work done and thus hints at credibility and trustworthiness. 

Takeaway: Precision, recommendation, and quantification work well to build trust and credibility.

11. Explainify

Explainify, that the video content platform has an excellent customer testimonial video from its client Onera. We like the video for the immense value it brings to Explainify. In the video, the customer talks about the benefits of Explainify and how they were leveraged for Onera’s growth. Additionally, the mention of competitors and how Onera stood out because of Explainify grabs instant attention.

Takeaway: Pointing at competitors and what made them stand out is an inspiring point to take from the video. This single point makes the testimonial unbelievably valuable.

12. Zoom

This customer testimonial is fresh and exciting to watch. It comes from the cloud-based content management company Box. In the testimonial, people working at Box take turns explaining how and where they use Zoom and how it makes their communication more efficient. The video has different people from the company explaining how the platform has helped them reach out to their teams as well as clients.

Takeaway: The video is quite simple and visually pleasing and the people in it talk directly to others and this creates emotional relevance with the viewers.

13. Magic Flask

We are used to seeing customer testimonial videos where the customer talks and praises the product/ service. Magic Flask decided to do it in a different way. The company asked one of its customers to taste test different liquors. The person had to taste them with and without the flack. The video captures the instant reaction of the taster and thus builds trust.

Takeaway: First-hand experience of the product, and recording immediate reactions makes for a great testimonial that is both entertaining and informative.

14. Hootsuite

Hootsuite, a well-known social media management platform took the interview approach to get its clients talking about its services and it makes up for an immensely powerful customer testimonial video. For the interview, Hootsuite made video ads in which it had interviewed members at the Wiley Publishing. The video has the team members giving their honest opinions of Hootsuite’s services.

Takeaway: Interviews are honest and including different people is a practical way to put forward different opinions.

15. American Express

American Express posted a video that served as an explainer video for its product and also a customer testimonial video. A part of the video has the interview of First Advantage, a partner of American Express. Through the video, the testifier from First Advantage talks about the advantages that he has reaped using American Express.

Takeaway: Interview testimonials are a great way to explain different aspects of a product or service.

16. NinjaRMM

NinjaOne (formerly NinjaRMM) shared a customer testimonial video from RESCICAP. The video shows RESICAP’s CTO, Ken Taylor, expressing how satisfied he is with NinjaOne’s product, to an extent that he calls it a strong reason for their growth.

Takeaway: There are two points to take away from this example –

  1. Capturing the emotions of a satisfied customer
  2. High-quality content in a well-light professional setting

17. Robin

This video testimonial perfectly captures the features, advantages, and benefits of using Robin, a hybrid work management platform. The testimonial video from the search company Elastic. The testimonial has two people from Elastic sharing their experiences. The inclusion of snippets of how the product works is an impactful way of demonstrating how it works. The video also captures our attention because it shares common pain points so it is more relevant for businesses in the same industry.

Takeaway: Taking about common pain points and projecting your product as the solution is a great way to grab the attention of the target customers, that is exactly what this video is about.  

18. Salesforce

Trailblazer Stephaine Herrera shares her journey with Salesforce and how the product helped her journey to become a pioneer in helping people.

Takeaway: Emotional storytelling is a way to attract viewers and keep them hooked to the message you wish to convey. This works excellently for testimonials. 

19. Codecademy

This is the testimonial of Tommy Nicholas, a learner from the Codecademy, expressing how the platform transformed his career. What inspires us is that the video has a real person sharing his first-hand experience about the product, how it works, and what its benefits are.

Takeaway: Customers prefer knowing everything about the product/ service before paying for it. So providing these details, from a real customer, is extremely beneficial.

20. Omada

This is a great testimonial that cleverly captures the essence of visual interest. The testimonial is for Omada and has various clients of the company talking about the product. What we liked the most in the video is that it highlights specific phrases so the viewers have full focus on what the testifiers have to say.

Takeaway: Capturing visual interest by highlighting text and with the use of animation is a great way to capture the attention of prospects interested in the product.

Step-by-step process to create customer testimonial videos

There are several approaches to making a testimonial video, and the one you choose will rely on several variables. However, there are other actions you can do to boost the likelihood of conversions from your video.

Here are our ten simple steps for creating best video testimonials that converts well.

1. Select one of your most profitable clients

Choosing the star of your testimonial film is the first step in producing it. Select a client with whom you have a strong connection and, ideally, who has seen significant success using your company’s goods or services.

A wonderful talking point for your testimonial video will be clear, observable outcomes, which will help persuade any prospective consumers who are viewing to make a purchase.

2. Make plans

The finest testimonial films have a sense of spontaneity, but this does not imply that there was no preparation beforehand. The idea is to get your customers to give you replies that seem spontaneous but are not.

Preparing your customer with discussion topics is the best method; you may even offer them a list of questions you want to ask. Here are some examples from which you may pick:

  • Why did you choose our business, product, or service?
  • How did our business, product, or service benefit you?
  • What makes our business, product, or service superior to others you have used?
  • What were the primary advantages in your eyes?

By emailing your inquiries in advance, you offer the client the time to consider your queries and respond thoughtfully. It is crucial that kids do not prepare their responses in advance and read them out. No one trusts a robot, and this might appear quite robotic.

3. Make your client feel at ease

Most individuals find it unsettling to have a camera aimed at them; therefore, it is crucial to set aside some time to assist in making your client feel more at ease before inviting your consumer to come on set; set up the cameras in advance to aid in this.

Then, take some time to establish a rapport rather than immediately starting the recording. Distract them with a conversation about other topics, and when they are ready to begin, do so. Additionally, it is helpful to let them know where to look and how much of their body will be in the frame.

We’ve all had the terrible what do I do with my hands moments. Providing helpful hints and instructions like these can make your client seem more at ease in front of the camera. Oh, and if they make a mistake, do not dramatize it. The secret is to be patient.

4. Design a scenario

When selecting a site for shooting, there are a few practical factors to consider. For instance, you should choose a location with excellent natural lighting and little background noise. But many nice-to-haves will enhance the appearance of your testimonial film.

Consider the full scene captured in the frame after setting up your camera. Add a few accessories, such as plants or your goods. Additionally, do not be afraid to switch up the settings; by including additional scenes, you will provide viewers with more diversity and reduce the likelihood of losing interest.

5. Take many angles

It is beneficial to use several scenarios and different points of view. It is helpful to have various views to pick from while editing your video, so two angles will serve just well. Use two cameras to do this if at all feasible, and set them up such that they record simultaneously.

6. Draw attention to your clients

A collaboration is required to produce a testimonial video. Sure, you are utilizing it to boost conversions, but there is no reason you cannot also highlight your wonderful clients while doing so! Let your client introduce themselves as a terrific approach to begin your testimonial video.

This is effective in numerous ways:

  • It may aid in the on-screen relaxation of your client.
  • It begins a narrative.

It also helps to interview more than one person for your testimonial, especially if you are a B2B firm. You can demonstrate how your product/service/company has benefited many individuals in various jobs. This offers viewers someone, to relate with.

7. Display the item being used

Showing your product in use while producing a testimonial is a fantastic method to increase its credibility. After all, 47% of individuals claim testimonial films are successful because they make it easier for viewers to picture how a product or service truly functions.

Potential consumers will get a strong message in just a few seconds of your client using the product (and loving it!). You do not have to make it the center of attention. Alternatively, you might cut to your product while your client praises it or display it in the background.

8. Add depth using overlays

It is crucial to break up long stretches of person-to-camera video in the edit since it might get monotonous after a while. Cutting to various angles and scenes has previously been discussed, but inserting or overlaying text adds dimension to a scene.

In addition to dividing the film into manageable chunks, this also gives it more personality. You might even go one step further and add some dynamic images to the screen if this is crucial to your business, or use an online video editor.

9. Trim the video down

Although consumers are indeed searching for online reviews and recommendations, it does not imply they have the time (or the desire!) to sit through a lengthy movie to get the information they need.

To maximize reader attention and engagement, keep your testimonials succinct. Wyzowl advises you to confine your testimonial films to a maximum of 3 minutes and cover 4 to 5 essential themes throughout that period.

10. Increase your visibility!

Your testimonial video has to be actively promoted throughout all of your channels, just like you would with any other marketing content. To do this, upload it to YouTube, share it on social media, and email your email list. The more people who see your video endorsement, the better.

You should designate a page on your website just for your testimonial videos since doing so could persuade website users who are not sure yet to commit and convert. Even better, strategically distribute your testimonial videos across the product pages. This can be the motivation some individuals need to click the purchase button.


We would definitely vouch for customer testimonial videos as a great tool to reach out to prospects. These videos are very helpful in building an image of your brand/ service.

Additionally, videos are easy to consume so the message becomes more compelling. That is exactly what the video testimonials listed above did.74

Take a cue from them to get inspired before your start your journey. 

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