Product Launch Emails for Customers (Examples Included)

A Step-by-Step Guide on Writing Compelling Product Launch Emails for Customers (Examples Included)

Learn what is product launch emails, how to write product launch emails for your customers. Best practices and examples included.

Product Launch Emails
Product Launch Emails

Imagine you have designed a beautiful dress, worn it, and then sat in a room without anyone getting a glimpse of it! Would you get appreciated for the design or how well the dress fits you? No right!

Now, let us replace the dress with a product. You may have conducted extensive market research, spent time planning, and allocated a decent budget to develop an amazing product that addresses your customer‘ needs or fulfills their desires. Great! But it would not do any good to the time, thought and money invested, if you do not let the world know about your product!

And what better way to announce your product than through an email? It is personal and specific to your target segment, and it can be used to communicate the value of your product! So yes, choosing an email to announce your product/feature launch announcements is simply great, but you might be confused about how and where to get started. So, here is all the help you need.

In this article, we will discuss –

  1. What is a product launch email?
  2. How to write a product launch email?
  3. What are some best practices for a great product launch email?
  4. Samples of product launch announcement emails
  5. Inspiring launch email subject lines

So, what are you waiting for? Let us dig in.

What is a product launch email?

To begin with, a product launch email is basically a newsletter that you send to your prospects to inform and communicate about:

  1. Release of new products
  2. Addition of new features and new updates
  3. Events to look forward to

Your product launch email helps you increase the value of your product while also accelerating your overall business performance.

When sending out a product launch email, you need to ensure that email communication is designed in such a way that your prospects/customers are excited to try out your new offering.

How to write a product launch email?

Your new product is like a child to you. You have invested your sweat, time, and a significant amount of money into creating it, and in the process, you have developed an emotional attachment to it. It is your product, and you know by heart about its features and the value it brings to your users, but how do you convey them to your prospects? You can do it through product launch emails! This way, you get their attention right from the start.

Here’s a tip for you –

Consider your consumers as inherently selfish, so make your product launch all about them. This ignites their attention instantly.

Simply put, your product launch emails should communicate how the product is beneficial to your customers and how it addresses their concerns.

After you have piqued their interest by describing how you solve their problems, include a powerful call to action that encourages them to buy.

Structuring your product launch email

Having a proper structure to your email is so important! We understand that you are quite excited about your product and cannot wait to tell the world about it. But hold your temptation and avoid cramming your launch email with a lot of details like listing all of your product’s new great features.

Remember to keep the mail crisp, and at the same time, make sure that it captures the interest of your prospects. Additionally, you should also make sure that the email is a succinct reflection of your company’s brand and target audience.

Elements to include in the product launch email –

  • Stat your email with a brief greeting.
  • An attention-worthy headline that conveys your product/benefits.
  • Grab audiences’ attention, use videos or graphics.
  • Include links to further resources, such as a blog article or a product demonstration.
  • Include a CTA (call to action) to prompt them to take action.

But before all this, it is important to answer the following questions, so you master your product launch email –

  1. What should the email convey?
  2. Why should your consumers care about email?
  3. What should be the call to action?

What are some best practices for a great product launch email

For starters, we recommend that you create a template for all your product/feature launch emails. The core idea for this is that template will ensure consistency! Now, let us see the best practices to be followed –

1. Make sure that your subject lines grab instant attention!

The one job of your email subject line is to grab the readers’ attention, so they are compelled to open it! Use emojis and trending words to make an instant connection.

2. Choose a tasteful background

an enormous difference include a decent HTML color code in your launch newsletter makes an enormous difference. This simple technique can help you stand out from the crowd.

3. Be very specific with the message

Make sure that your email is crisp and specific. Basically, it should answer the following questions –

  • What is the product?
  • Why do people need it?
  • Where and how to buy it?

Make sure that the message aligns with the rest of your brand communication – use your brand logo and brand colors. Remember: consistency builds trust.

5. Grab attention with the use of visuals

Use images, creative logos, videos, or motion pictures! They grab attention and convey better about your new product.

6. Use CTA buttons more than once

Place the CTA buttons at the beginning and the end of your email so your prospects do not have to scroll up or down to take action.

7. A/B test various CTAs

To get the most out of your efforts, try to determine which message converts the best.

8. Make sure that you include social share buttons

Allow customers to spread the word about your excellent deal. You can also utilize incentives to motivate people to do so.

Samples of product launch announcement emails

1. Canva


When announcing its new product, ‘Canva for Work,’ the company sent an early bird offer to the prospects attached in the launch emails.

Clever idea, isn’t it?

What makes it even better is the design that perfectly matches Canva’s website – brilliant visual identity consistent.

2. Trello


Customer is the king, and emojis are the best language to get to the king’s heart!

Trello did just that with its product launch emails. Trello came up with a stunning email, and the use of emojis to convey its message was a star!

3. Apple


When it comes to being crisp and injecting curiosity, nothing can beat Apple! Take a look at this email, for instance.

The brand provides a headline introducing the product and its features, along with the price.

Simple and specific, right? But well, Apple does have a loyal customer base who would be interested in everything the company does, but the company makes sure to convey its message via the ‘less is great’ formula. And that is what makes its emails so good.

4. Hulu


We absolutely loved how Hulu announced that HBO was available on the platform. A highlight in the email was the ‘one-month free subscription,.’ This is a clever way to boost the click rate.

Also, displaying some iconic movies and shows on the creative was a clever choice to click on the CTA.

5. Alit


This product launch advertising for Alit’s new Rosé wine is quite impressive!

The design is bold and straightforward, with subtle use of animation. The message is tasteful and powerful. And there is a crystal clear call to action.

Inspiring launch email subject lines

15 inspiring announcement email subject lines

  1. Exciting announcement (and special invitation)*
  2. Huge Announcement: Brand new event…
  3. Revealing! The Big Celebrity Announcement…
  4. ?  HUGE Announcement (another big change at DM)
  5. Announcing the 2nd Annual Content & Commerce Summit
  6. Announcing: The 7th Annual Black Friday Bootcamp
  7. [WEEKEND ONLY] Get your hands on it before it’s gone…
  8. Yep, that just happened…
  9. Latest (Company) News
  10. Things are about to change!
  11. It won’t be free forever!
  12. Exciting new changes at [your company]
  13. ? My podcast launches today!
  14. New Episode:…
  15. The #AskGaryVee podcast is now live on iTunes!

15 inspiring product launch email subject lines

  1. ⛔️ New arrivals alert!
  2. BRAND-NEW certification released today
  3. Meet your new jeans ?
  4. 4. NEW! Vacation on Mars
  5. You are invited! To try our latest [product/feature]
  6. Make room for [product]
  7. New Feature Alert!
  8. You asked for it, and we heard you! Introducing [product/feature]
  9. Here’s an update on [product]
  10. The first of its kind!
  11. The wait is over, launching today
  12. The Wait Is Over: [product/feature] Is Here
  13. In three days: our first…
  14. Discover our new…
  15. May We Introduce…


Launching your product is truly incredible! It is the time when you finally get to show the world what you have been working on. However, in order for it to be successful, you must give careful consideration to how you will advertise your new product.

Email is by far one of the most effective methods for doing so, as it allows you to reach a highly engaged audience. If done right, your product launch email can –

  1. Reach out to an already dialed in audience
  2. Let customers know when the product will be launched
  3. Create buzz around your product’s release
  4. Offer key details to readers to build curiosity and anticipation

Taking inspiration from these product launch email examples can help you get your creative juices flowing so that your own marketing is on point.

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