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SmartKarrot Announces That Their Customer & Product Success Platform Has Completed $1 Million Angel Round

SmartKarrot, a customer success platform announces completion of $1M fund. Smartkarrot focuses on product success, user onboarding, engagements, etc.

SmartKarrot Editorial Team
SmartKarrot Editorial Team
Jan 23, 2020

Dallas, TX, Jan 15, 2020 – SmartKarrot a customer and product success platform announces the successful completion of $1 million angel round funding.  Completed with the participation of several high net worth investors and promoters, the funding is first tasked with enhancing SmartKarrot’s online platform. Funding will also support activities surrounding market acquisition.  Founded by Prithwi Dasgupta and Arnab Chatterjee in 2019, SmartKarrot brings together a full-circle view of customers who frequent digital-led or subscription-oriented businesses.  The software tracks customers’ and end users’ real-time digital behavior so that personalized, strategic actions can be taken to drive a product’s increased profitability.

“SmartKarrot’s initial customer response has been very positive. To stay competitive, businesses need to drive recurring revenue retention and expansion, enhance product adoption, and influence the end user’s product experience. To stay on point, all of that culminates in the ability to manage and influence the digital touch points the customer and their end users have.  A platform like SmartKarrot not only minimizes the challenge of having to deal with multiple systems, but it also enhances the customer experience exponentially,” said CEO and Co-founder, Prithwi Dasgupta.

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About SmartKarrot Inc.

SmartKarrot Inc. is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It also has an international presence that includes Toronto, Bangalore, and Singapore.

Contact: Anshi Bhadoria, Director of Marketing | 1-800-370-0213 |

Originally Published January 23rd, 2020, Updated January 6th, 2021

SmartKarrot Editorial Team

SmartKarrot Editorial Team

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