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Top 20 SaaS Companies in Brazil

In this blog, we are going to discuss briefly the top 20 SaaS companies in Brazil.

Top 20 SaaS Companies in Brazil
Top SaaS Companies in Brazil

Brazil’s SaaS landscape is bustling, thanks to the number of innovative startups that entered the horizon in recent years. In an attempt to know more about the SaaS environment in Brazil, we have researched the best SaaS companies in Brazil and came up with a list of 20 SaaS companies in Brazil.

Here’s the list for you –

1. Ambar 

Ambar is a Brazilian SaaS company that offers digital solutions to companies operating in the construction industry. The company has several products offering digital solutions. Its product AmbarEva is a cloud-based project management solution. Amber also offers AmbarConaz, an online marketplace connecting supply chain and construction sites. At the same time, it offers a hydraulic & AC installations system called the AmbarPolar. Amber’s AmarLive is an energy management solution.

Founded in: 2013

CEO: Bruno Balbinot

2. ContaAzul

ContaAzul is a Brazilian business management software for small businesses. Its main goal is to assist businesses in managing their financial routines and optimizing procedures such as accounting, stock, banking, and electronic invoicing, among other things. Wabbi Software S.A., a collaborative software platform, purchased ContaAzul in 2018.

Founded in: 2011

CEO: Vinicius Roveda Goncalves

3. Creditas   

Creditas is an online marketplace for asset-backed consumer loans. It provides a variety of loans, including property-backed loans, personal loans, vehicle-backed loans, payroll loans, and salary advances. The asset-backed loans are granted based on the value of the collateral. Creditas connects with the company’s existing payroll software for payroll loans to validate load eligibility.

Founded in: 2012

CEO: Sergio Furio

4. EBANX   

EBANX is a well-known payment processing solutions platform in Brazil. The platform enables international companies to accept payments in local currencies. EBANX features hosted pages, and developer APIs, among other features.

Founded in: 2012

Founders: Alphonse Voigt united with Wagner Ruiz and João Del Valle

5. Hi Platform

Hi Platform is the leading customer relationship management platform in Brazil. It enables businesses to form stronger bonds with their customers. Hi Platform uses artificial intelligence to help businesses learn what their customers are saying about them on social media, automate customer support, and engage with them in real-time. The platform is intended for use in the industries of e-commerce, consumer goods, education, real estate, and insurance and finance.

Founded in: 2017

CEO: Marcelo Pugliesi

6. Hotmart  

Hotmart is among the most successful companies in Brazil. The cloud-based eCommerce platform allows businesses to sell digital goods.It offers services such as email marketing, product and content management, affiliate marketing, PCI Compliance and CSE Security, payment via Hotpay, analytics reporting, etc. It also enables affiliates to make money by marketing and selling content on websites, private blogs, and other platforms.

Founded in: 2011

CEO: João Pedro Resende and Mateus Bicalho

7. Movile

Movile is a SaaS company offering technology services to several business actor industries, including food & grocery, content services, payment & financial services, ticketing, and more. Movile has different brands, including PlayKids – children’s educational tool; Wavy – communication and relationship tool; iFood – food and restaurant management company; among others.

Founded in: 1998

CEO: Fabricio Bloisi and Eduardo Henrique

8. Neoway

Neoway is a market intelligence and Big Data platform that provides companies with important insights to help them grow. The company’s product SIMM, a sophisticated market data analytics platform, allows it to deliver accurate insights. Neoway caters to a wide range of industries, including consumer products, oil and gas, transportation, construction, health and pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, banking, and technology, to name a few.

Founded in: 2002

CEO: Jaime De Paula

9. Nibo

Nibo, among the most influential SaaS platforms in Brazil, offers efficient financial management solutions. The company’s services cater to small and medium-sized businesses. So far, it has over 50,000 customers.

CEO: Gabriel Gaspar

Founded: 2012

10. Nuvemshop’s Cloud Shop

Nuvemshop’s Cloud Shop is a cloud-based platform allowing merchants to build online stores and sell their products. Nuvemshop developed the platform. Businesses can create a multilingual website with additional features such as order management, payment integration, and shipping integration. In addition to this, the platform also allows businesses to sell on marketplaces such as MercadoLibre and social media. Cloud Shop supports both iOS and Android devices.

Founded in: 2011

CEO: antiago Sosa, Alejandro Vazquez, Jose Abuchaem, and Martin Palombo

11. Olist

Olist is a Brazilian e-commerce platform for sellers situated in Curitiba, Brazil. Olist was founded in 2015. Since then, it has attracted over 4,500 retailers who utilize the platform as their major marketplace. Online stores, importers, wholesalers, and retailers seeking higher positioning in the market, use Olist to advance their efforts.

Founded in: 2015

CEO: Tiago Dalvi

12. Omie

Omie is a cloud-based management platform for small and midsized businesses. The services of the company include entrepreneur education, ERP, financial services, and also a Marketplace for vertical 3rd party solutions. Omie’s major purpose is to close the efficiency gap in Brazilian small businesses, allowing clients to grow.

Founded in: 2013

CEO: Marcelo Lombardo

13. Pismo   

Pismo is a Brazilian company offering an API-based solution to banks and financial institutions. The company’s main aim is to help financial institutes deliver digital services to their customers. Pismo’s API solution features a digital banking system with options like savings, deposits, loans, and care facilities.

Founded in: 2016

CEO: Ricardo Josua, Daniela Binatti, Juliana Motta, and Marcelo Parise

14. PSafe   

PSafe is an online security company that offers mobile antivirus and online security solutions. It offers a cloud-based solution for personal cyber security, online safety, and privacy. The company’s products offer VPN, Performance, Security, and Vault. PSafe offers anti-phishing, malware detection security, and anti-hacking. It also aids the phone’s performance by providing phone cleaning functions that increase storage space and enhance battery life, among other things.

Founded in: 2010

Founders Silicon Valley veterans Marco de Mello, Ram Rao, and Benjamin Myers

15. RD Station

RD Station is a small and medium-sized business-focused inbound marketing platform. The company enables businesses to build and maintain a scalable customer growth machine, allowing them to get a greater return on their digital ad expenditure. To educate its clients, the platform also provides free educational resources. Since its inception in 2011, RD Station has expanded to 20 countries across the world.

Founded in: 2011

CEO: Eric Santos

16. Rock Content

Rock Content is the most popular content marketing service in Brazil. A unique feature of this platform is that it allows customers to choose their combination of services based on their individual needs. Rock Content’s automated SaaS platform also takes care of the content marketing tasks.

Founded in: 2013

CEO: Diego Gomes

17. Superlogica

Superlogica is a Brazilian technology firm specializings in real estate software, focusing on the condominium market. The company’s major products include real-estate and condominium management software. It also includes a fintech that uses the software to provide digital accounts, payment options, and credit. Additionally, Superlogica’s events have also left an indelible imprint on the Brazilian education market – Superlógica Xperience is one of Latin America’s largest innovation and technology events.

Founded in: 2001

CEO: André Baldini

18. 99

99, often known as 99Taxis, is a popular urban transportation software developed in Brazil’s SaaS community. The company’s car-booking services are available for both commercials as well as personal usage. This makes it Brazil’s most popular e-hailing app.

Founded in: 2012

Founders: Ariel Lambrecht, Renato Freitas and Paulo Veras

19. Unico

Unico is a Brazilian startup that specializes in digital identity protection. The company’s goal is to make relationships between people and businesses easier. With this mission, the IDTech company creates digital identities and protects people’s data using technology. Businesses can use Unico’s facial recognition service to improve onboarding and security. It aids in the verification and employment of candidates.

Founded in: 2007       

CEO: Diego Martins

20. Vindi

Vindi is an online payment platform that facilitates recurring bill payments. The PCI-certified tool is extremely useful for subscription-based businesses and a host of other businesses. Vindi has clients across e-commerce, education, financial services, and marketing.

Founded in: 2013

CEO: Rodrigo Dantas


We have discussed the top 20 SaaS companies in Brazil, but there are quite a lot of them. So, if you are looking for any of their services, you should look at this write-up as a guiding source.

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