Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value – All You Need to Know

When you are running a SaaS business, there are different metrics you need to keep track of. These metrics help you align your business strategies into the right direction. Without these metrics you would have no accountability of your business and keeping the growth in check would become difficult, let alone taking the corrective measures….


What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About Google Analytics for SaaS

Technology will never be the same as it was yesterday. Thus, the impact it has on business is profound. In this modern era of digitalization, there is nothing more important than a powerful web analytics tool to carry out marketing campaigns, generate insights, and drive eCommerce sales. Right from personal website hosts to online business owners, every single professional is always keen on having…

SaaS Analytics Tools for viewing metrics

Top 7 SaaS Analytics Tools for Viewing Metrics

Building a successful SaaS business is a herculean task that comes with a unique set of challenges. The wide range of SaaS solutions available in the market makes it difficult to woo new customers. Moreover, unlike a regular software company, SaaS businesses are subscription-based and thrive on their ability to retain existing customers. This, in turn, requires…


How the World is Slowly Getting Taken Over by the SaaS Cloud Business Model

The advent of SaaS cloud applications has transformed the way businesses operate. It’s no longer mandatory for employees to be stationed at their office to carry out their daily operations. The SaaS model has invaded almost every department of an organization. From customer relationship management (CRM) to marketing automation – you’ll find a wide array of useful SaaS…

saas implementation

How to cut down your saas implementation time by over 40%

Of much contradiction is the popular perception of SaaS. While the perception claims it is mostly sign-up, subscribe and surf, gone are the days when that was accurate. The entire process of customer onboarding, monitoring, working with stakeholders, and setting up dashboards can consume a considerable amount of time. If you are wondering how to reduce SaaS…


How to Start a Great SaaS Online Business

If you’ve always wanted to start a SaaS online business, this is the right time to launch your own SaaS application. It’s a great way to earn recurring revenue with low initial setup costs. You can use cloud storage platforms to host your application, thereby eliminating the need for expensive hardware. Moreover, it’s simpler to…


What is the SaaS Magic Number?

Are you a SaaS startup looking to grow big and get some significant funding?  If the answer is yes, you would want to ace your SaaS Magic Number.  That’s because Saas is a different animal. So is SaaS marketing.   And you and your potential investors know that.   Many businesses can sustain on single, one-time purchases.   Not SaaS!   It depends on month-on-month and…

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