Published March 21, 2023

Role: Director, Customer Success Strategy 
Location: Seattle, WA, United States (Remote) 
Organization: CommerceIQ 
As a Director, Customer Success Strategy, you’ll create and implement customer success strategies that promote effective onboarding, adoption, retention, value creation, and customer satisfaction. Develop trusting connections with our clients and their key stakeholders, such as VP-level executives, to better understand their needs and spot commercial value-creating potential. Use your management consulting skills to provide customers with strategic direction on their e-commerce or ad spend management projects as well as assistance in identifying and resolving complicated business problems. Work together with the product development team to modify the product roadmap in response to client comments and market developments. Lead a group of customer success managers and make sure they are working towards the same goals. Develop. Metrics for customer success should be measured and analysed to find areas for improvement. 
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Role: Vice President, Customer Success 
Location: United States (Remote) 
Organization: Morning Consult 
As a Vice President, Customer Success, you’ll Be unifying and systematising high-impact methods for onboarding, activation, customer support, growth, and renewal across Morning Consult’s SaaS product portfolio and variety of customer categories. By creating and implementing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), leading the Customer Success division, and assembling, developing, and leading a world-class team. Maintain customer engagement by defining the SaaS portfolio of Morning Consult’s customer journey experience. This includes working with Product and Marketing to create and implement strategies that highlight the value of the product, new features, and new use-cases. Promote an organization-wide customer-centric mentality to represent the voice of the consumer and influence internal stakeholders. Work closely with the teams from Sales, Service, and Commercial Operations to standardise and improve cross-team processes. 
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Role: Vice President of Customer Success 
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Hybrid) 
Organization: Think & Grow 
As a Vice Presiden of Customer Success, you’ll be in charge of the daily needs of the workplace and the wellbeing of every employee in the AU office, including Culture, Engagement, and Retention. You will be in charge of all consumers, and you will be expected to comprehend their needs, offer your views, and provide thorough involvement. You will work as our company’s spokesperson for our clients, ensuring their complete satisfaction and loyalty. You will be in charge of a team of 25 employees as you build up the CS department’s performance, influence, and revenue. You will be able to recruit, train, and mentor “A players” who are willing to put in the work to address client concerns and support opportunities. To make the consumer experience low-effort and high-value, you will optimise it. 
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Role: VP – Customer Success 
Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India 
Organization: ARA Resources Pvt. Ltd. 
As a Sr. Customer Success Manager, you’ll Outstanding organisational and project management skills. Strong communication abilities, including the capacity to deliver excellent group presentations, facilitate groups, and provide one-on-one advice, are a requirement. Ability to evaluate and develop best practises, processes, and procedures to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of teams who interact with customers. Must be able to multitask in a busy, dynamic setting. Self-driven, adaptable, and results-oriented. Able to carry a quota with ease. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Santa Clara, CA, United States (On-site)   
Organization: Diligente Technologies 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll execute products and solutions, collaborate with other teams such as sales, implementation consultants, and customer education after sales. Treat our clients as business partners by getting to know their business strategy and working together to determine outcomes and benchmarks. Make use of industry indicators and client usage to gain insights into what motivates customers to adopt a product. Provide scalable activities like webinars to promote continuous product adoption and customer interaction. Cross-sell new products to current clients. Anticipate churn risk and create mitigation strategies to reduce turnover among your client base. Recognize possible problems, comprehend the business objectives of the client. 
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Published March 20, 2023

Role: Sr. Customer Success Manager  
Location: United States (Remote) 
As a Sr. Customer Success Manager, you’ll control the strategic and enterprise accounts’ post-sales customer experiences, including onboarding, product adoption, customer relationships & advocacy, renewal/expansion, and so on. Along with the sales team, secure possibilities for customer renewal and growth. To track progress qualitatively and using KPIs, organise and conduct business review meetings with customer executives (CFO, CAO, VP of Finance, etc.). Provide individualised success plans that encourage adoption and show customers how to work with the hiring company to get the results they want. From the beginning to the end, oversee several concurrent implementation projects and guarantee timely deliveries. 
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Role: Enterprise Customer Success Manager 
Location: United States (Remote)   
Organization: AppZen 
As a Enterprise Customer Success Manager, you’ll promote AppZen to all, from senior management to individual contributors. Promoting the use of AppZen by tracking usage and taking the right action. expansion of brand-new goods. Enabling retention and renewal through ongoing product communication. creating and carrying out chances for upselling and expansion. 
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Role: Head of Customer Success 
Location: Germany (Remote) 
Organization: receeve 
As the Head of Customer Success, you’ll be establishing connections with important employees at clients. acting as a point of escalation (i.e. in case of SLA breakers). Identifying demands and turning them into company plans or actionable actions. owning SMB and Enterprise account adoption, renewals, and growth across all industries. Handling the goals for expenses and income (renewal, upsell, and expansion). managing contracts with clients. creating best practices and tactics that are measurable, repeatable, and lead to product acceptance, value, and expansion. coordinating closely with Solution Consulting, Support, and Engineering on client demands. Establishing and directing the learning process for clients. establishing best practices for platform utilisation. 
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Role: Director Customer Success 
Location: Aliso Viejo, United States, CA 
Organization: Transcepta 
As a Director of Customer Success, you’ll directly manage strategic accounts. In charge of a group of Customer Success Managers. Make sure the CSM team reaches its goals by expanding and renewing. Help the team build measurable, actionable account plans. Inform the leadership on the plans for remediating at-risk customers. Customer feedback on product improvements and/or gaps should be provided to Product Management to help improve customer experience. 
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Role: Customer Success Representative 
Location: Austin, TX, United States 
Organization: OutboundEngine  
As a Customer Success Representative, you’ll be responsible for proactive phone calls to our clientele to arrange for account reviews. answering incoming calls from clients for general inquiries, troubleshooting, and technical support via multiple channels. answering emails from incoming clients. promoting OutboundEngine’s benefits with each customer engagement. calming down tense circumstances and reaching an amicable agreement. 
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Published March 17, 2023

Role: VP Customer Success 
Location: London, England, United Kingdom (Hybrid)   
Organization: Argus Media 
As a VP of Customer Success, you’ll be setting the strategy, prioritising the objectives and key metrics, building a world-class team, and extending and mentoring the European Customer Success team. Creating customer lifetime value through the definition of the customer journey, the implementation of programmes to support driving business value with customers, the accomplishment of customer goals, and team collaboration to find and explore opportunities for customer growth. Working effectively with key stakeholders across the organisation will require alignment with Sales on cross-selling and up-selling as well as a focus on selling with a retention focus; alignment with Product and Business Development on guiding Product Roadmap; and alignment with Marketing on guiding Marketing activities to Current Subscribers. Boost productivity using technology. 
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Role: VP, Customer Success 
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada (Hybrid) 
Organization: KEV Group 
As a VP of Customer Success, you’ll promote customer success results and value realisation for our clients, making sure the appropriate playbooks are in place to foster adoption and hasten value. To develop a 360-degree perspective of the customer, collect consumer intelligence, feedback, and insight and disseminate them widely across KEV. Drive strategic planning with each individual customer as well as for our client book of business. Sustain the highest level of client loyalty by building connections at all levels of the client organisation and making sure clients are aware of the vision and roadmap of KEV Group. Develop and improve operations to work with the current business and to prepare for expansion in the future. Make sure the pace and level of consumer engagement are appropriate. Whenever necessary, act as the customer’s executive escalation point. 
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Role: Head of Customer Success 
Location: EMEA, Germany (Remote) 
Organization: Storm6 
As a Head of Customer Success, you’ll create new connections with influential employers in EMEA. Maintain and expand current clientele and business relationships. familiarity with revenue cycle management. 
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Role: EMEA Customer Success Director 
Location: European Union, Germany (Remote) 
Organization: LUKA GLOBAL GROUP 
As a Customer Success Director, you’ll be onboarding and support processes for clients should be continually improved. Create long-lasting partnerships with your clients. Analyze client requirements to provide a solution that fits. assist current clients with service expansion and improvement. Boost client interactions and business prospects. Monitor and evaluate KPIs to guarantee ongoing service improvement. Establish connections between the internal support team and the clients. As a client advocate, collaborate with the medical and development teams. 
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Role: Customer Success Executive 
Location: United Kingdom (Remote) 
Organization: StaySafe 
As a Customer Success Executive, you’ll be creating great relationships while implementing the StaySafe solution with our new clients. ongoing management of customers’ accounts, promoting high levels of usage. Ensure customer needs are addressed and requests are promptly answered by resolving issues for current end users and clients. coordinating with new clients to create implementation plans and holding handover meetings with the account director and account development manager to discuss the rollout. providing online and in-person customer training as well as customised customer documentation and training manuals. To make sure our solution is delighting the customer and to maintain good platform adoption, do regular catch-up meetings with them. 
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Role: Head of Customer Success 
Location: London, England, United Kingdom (Hybrid) 
Organization: Vertical Advantage 
As a Head of Customer Success, you should have excellent verbal and written communication abilities. Ability to communicate information clearly to both internal and external associates. Advanced knowledge of G Suit or Microsoft Office. Ability to organise and manage a team in setting priorities for projects in a time-constrained and fast-paced corporate environment. Demonstrated capacity for initiative and ownership with an emphasis on ongoing development. demonstrated capacity to create professionalism and a customer-service mindset for oneself and one’s team. Strong familiarity with the organization’s business processes and sector. Business savvy that was evident. shown capacity for comprehension, analysis, and interpretation with superb attention to detail. 
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Published March 16, 2023

Role: VP of Customer Success 
Location: Austin, TX, United States (On-site) 
Organization: ShipperHQ 
As a VP of Customer Success, you’ll create and put into action ideas to boost client retention and decrease customer churn. Lead, oversee, and grow the teams responsible for customer success and retention. accountable for managing key operational KPIs and targets as well as our customer success strategy and execution. Increase renewal rates, lower churn, and affect future lifetime value through improved product uptake and customer satisfaction to drive customer success outcomes. Make certain that every client engagement is handled promptly and professionally. Develop and put into practice strategies to lower customer churn and raise retention rates by identifying and analysing customer trends and insights. Be in charge of generating income, both through growth and retention, by actively participating in your team and ensuring that you are all succeeding in accomplishing your personal and team objectives. 
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Role: Head of Customer Success 
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (Hybrid) 
Organization: Hatch 
As a Head of Customer Success, you’ll develop our current customer success playbook and personalise it with an emphasis on scalability to handle the responsibilities of overseeing 300 employer partners globally. Day-to-Day Customer Relationships: We are collaborating with several incredible businesses that have been early Hatch adopters. You’ll onboard new employer partners, scale their use of Hatch daily, and establish yourself as a strategic partner for Australia’s fastest-growing businesses. Westpac, Uber, Qantas, Eucalyptus, and Canva are some of the clients. Product Feedback: Gather important customer input and organise it into needs that the product team can prioritise and carry out. Be an influencer and play a significant part in determining the direction of the product. 
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Role: Head of Customer Success 
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Hybrid) 
Organization: Think & Grow 
As a Director of Customer Success, you’ll implement a customer success strategy that focuses on lowering support tickets, boosting adoption, cutting down on time to live, and boosting expansion. Be “in the trenches” and help your team produce outstanding results while offering “live fire” coaching and growth. To improve the infrastructure and streamline CS operations, identify quarterly OKRs and cascade them into a 100-day functional improvement plan. CSM and customer support jobs should be recruited, onboarded, ramped up, and developed. Use data and analytics to enhance CS performance, have an impact on product strategy, and promote revenue performance predictability. To maximise revenue growth, promote alignment across Sales, Customer Success, and Marketing. Manage client complaints and escalations smoothly to guarantee 100% logo renewal. With marketing lead customer marketing, engagement, adoption, and expansion may all be increased. 
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Role: Strategic Customer Success Manager 
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (Remote) 
Organization: Planview, Inc.   
As a Strategic Customer Success Manager, you’ll establish relationships of trust as trusted advisors with VP and C-level executives and explain to your client, including important sponsors and stakeholders, the benefits of the Planview platform. Create and track customer journey success plans that are aimed at assisting clients in achieving quantifiable business results. It is your job to keep an eye on things, step in when necessary, and speak up for the customer so they have a good experience using Planview. Promote and assist in the effective enterprise-wide adoption of Planview’s products by customers. Encourage the consumer to engage in business talks about best practises. ultimate accountability for allocated clients’ development, retention, and advocacy. Keep Planview systems’ customer connections accurate and current to ensure that customers receive timely notifications. Ensure close communication with the customer by developing a thorough understanding of their industry, business difficulties, desired business outcomes, and business objectives. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Seattle, WA, United States (Remote)   
Organization: Vouched 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll provide technical and integration support to customers and assist them throughout the integration process. Own the relationship you have with your Vouched clients overall after the launch. Ensure that all efforts are well aligned with the client’s business and departmental strategy and needs by establishing a trusted advisory relationship with them. Be a champion for customer feature requests and collaborate across departments with our product and engineering teams to advance projects. Assessing customer needs and adoption level through quarterly or monthly business evaluations with minimal client site visits. Plan and oversee the customer renewal process to keep the net churn rate at or below zero. Identify and develop new business possibilities and/or upsell opportunities with current clients in collaboration with sales. 
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