Published June 7, 2023

Role: Customer Success 
Location: Boston, MA, United States (Remote) 
Organization: Skedda   
As a Customer Success, you’ll address inquiries about our product through email and chat from potential and current consumers. Assisting clients in finding answers to their specific scheduling problems. Delivering product demonstrations via video connection to consumers. Internal product collateral, such as knowledge bases, should be updated. Obtaining feedback and reporting it to help make decisions about product development. Working together on support strategy, product strategy, and customer relationship management with the larger team. 
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Role: Senior Customer Success Manager 
Location: San Francisco, CA, United States (Remote)   
Organization: NCX   
As a Senior Customer Success Manager, you’ll build strong relationships with landowners to comprehend and advocate for their needs, ensuring their success with NCX’s platform and marketplace. Craft and implement the landowner customer success approach at NCX to assist landowners in discovering, understanding, and engaging in natural capital market opportunities through the Landowner Platform and marketplace. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Washington, DC, United States (Remote)   
Organization: VisibleThread 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll actively seek out prospects for client expansion and growth inside the SMB market. Work together with the sales team to promote renewals and upsell opportunities, highlighting the benefits and return on investment that our products provide. Assist the sales team with accurate and timely information about customer health, product usage, and potential upsell prospects. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Overland Park, KS, United States (Remote) 
Organization: HungerRush 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll determine the demands of the consumer, impart knowledge and experience on the aspects of the product, and offer advisory services regarding the options available. Create and implement client retention tactics to boost adherence and keep customers. Recover, improve, preserve, and safeguard the data about our clients in search engines and Google Business Profiles. Liaise with other organisations, such as Google Support, to meet the needs of our clients. Plan and hold performance briefings with clients, and endeavour to address any inquiries that may arise. 
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Role: Customer Success Account Manager 
Location: Truth Or Consequences, NM 
Organization: Lavu Inc. 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll build trusting relationships with customers by learning about their goals for their businesses and how Lavu can help them. Implement iPad POS solutions and provide onsite support as needed. Educate customers on Lavu POS and the best ways to use it for their business. Proactively get in touch with the client to ask about their needs and offer suggestions on a frequent basis. Maintain thorough understanding of Lavu Systems. Determine areas for improvement and take the initiative to find solutions. Up to 25% Travel: Visits to customers’ locations for onboarding and regular maintenance. Additional tasks as required QBRs and health checks. 
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Published June 6, 2023

Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Alpharetta, GA, United States (Remote)   
Organization: Worthix 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll control resources, activities, deadlines, and milestones while managing a client portfolio to make sure Worthix is effectively adopted and providing commercial value to our clients. Understanding and communicating with managers and directors from Fortune 2.000 organisations will help you convey Worthix results and insights to clients. Recognise customer use cases and advocate for them inside Worthix. Show that you have a solid understanding of your customers’ businesses and express your value in the right way. Strong teamwork, an enthusiasm for supporting clients’ success, and a strong customer focus. Create and preserve long-lasting connections with clients, including decision-makers and end users. 
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Role: Customer Success Engineer 
Location: United States (Remote) 
Organization: Prelim 
As a Customer Success Engineer, you’ll own the onboarding of clients and ensuring their success with Prelim – Work with Prelim clients as a thought partner to assist in the development of complicated forms for new teams and use cases. Be the voice of our customers and represent their needs to the rest of the organisation. – Present the results of our work to a wide range of audiences, from engineers to C-suite executives. – Address technical limitations or opportunities in Prelim that need to be solved via code (e.g., a bug, a missing feature, etc.). – To demonstrate Prelim and respond to inquiries about how to utilise the product most effectively, create technical information that demonstrates best practises. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Lansing, MI, United States (Remote)   
Organization: StellarWP 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll ensure that customers receive more value from your offerings by engaging in onboarding activities. Promote customer retention and revenue growth within the current/assigned account base. Help the sales teams perform insightful infrastructure and technology reviews according to a timeframe set by the client. Document and disseminate assigned accounts’ risk assessment data in a precise and timely manner. Document and communicate revenue flow with the designated area of accounts in a precise and timely manner. Manage product-driven projects that have an influence on infrastructure or performance while working with the designated clientele. Establish and maintain close relationships with allocated clients in order to represent them in court. 
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Role: Customer Success Application Specialist 
Location: Israel, OH, United States (On-site) 
Organization: Kornit Digital 
As a Customer Success Application Specialist, your primary duty is to facilitate print through qualified services. Serve as the go-to resource for all application expertise and best practises for Kornit Digital branches and clients globally. Supporting post-sales operations with empowerment training, such as launching new goods and increasing customer output. Application Specialists & Field Support Engineers (FSEs) from Kornit Digital’s global branches can receive expertise and training both on-site and remotely. File preparation, colour management, workflow, and best practises for print quality will all be covered in the course. Interact with stakeholders at Kornit Digital to ensure a successful and seamless NPI. Responsible for field escalations, delivering a work schedule to Kornit Digital FSEs and AS. 
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Role: Customer success 
Location: San Francisco, CA Hybrid   
Organization: CommandBar 
As a Customer Success, you’ll assist them with onboarding and getting started. This implies that you will act as our clients’ product manager in a way. identifying the points where their users experience friction, comprehending the objectives of their business, determining the best way to use CommandBar, holding training sessions, etc. Ongoing account management: You’ll meet with our clients frequently to gather feedback, identify new opportunities for CommandBar to improve their product, and assist them understand the effect we’re delivering. When necessary, part of this effort will involve assisting clients in determining whether they would profit from a more extensive deployment of CommandBar, such as upgrading to one of our higher levels. 
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Published June 5, 2023

Role: Customer Success Lead 
Location: San Francisco, CA, United States (On-site) 
Organization: Vooma 
As a Customer Success Lead, you’ll take ownership of the entire customer relationship, including onboarding, implementation, training, adoption, retention, and satisfaction. Develop connections to serve as a reliable and strategic advisor to assist maintain the value of Vooma’s goods and services. Create and uphold customer success strategies and best practises to quicken the time it takes for customers to realise the value of our offering. Effectively communicate with senior management both inside and externally to better understand client demands, maximise retention and growth, and share lessons learned. Keep track of the current client success metrics and data as instructed. 
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Role: Account Coordinator/ Customer Success 
Location: Santa Clarita, California, United States (On-site) 
Organization: Aston Carter   
As a Account Coordinator/ Customer Success, you’ll participate actively in operations; understand important relationships, the overall process, and DMM. Be involved on the shop floor, be aware of what is actually happening, and be able to advise the manager on the best course of action to take to alleviate bottlenecks in deliveries to designated accounts. Supports rate readiness communication and presentation; a project that requires cross-functional leadership to organise tasks and activities. actual meetings, real involvement, and real review are required. Coordinate routine customer audits with the help of the leaders of Quality, Contracts, and Operations. Because customers need different kinds of audits, coordination and communication are necessary. Delivery delays are communicated, as are recovery plans. Intimate familiarity with contractual responsibilities. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: London, England, United Kingdom (Hybrid) 
Organization: Learn Amp | B Corp™ 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll be establishing close connections with decision-makers and stakeholders in the customer. Upselling, early detection of churn issues, and the creation and delivery of efficient remedies are ways to increase retention and revenue. Promoting clients and speaking for them within. Gaining a thorough grasp of the needs and difficulties of the client in order to solve problems. Experimenting, iterating, and enhancing routine procedures. Working cross-functionally with the marketing, product, and customer education departments. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Guildford, England, United Kingdom (Hybrid)   
Organization: RemoteWorker UK 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll serve as our customers’ main point of contact to make sure they get the most out of our offerings. For someone wishing to advance their career in a customer-facing position, this is a fantastic opportunity. How you’ll act: To make sure your clients are benefiting from Person Centred Software and to sell them additional items, manage and cultivate connections with them. Serve as the primary point of contact for consumers to swiftly and efficiently answer their requirements, questions, and issues. Collaborate with internal teams to develop new goods and services, and solicit customer input. 
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Role: Customer Success Executive 
Location: London, England, United Kingdom (Hybrid)  
Organization: Room Unlocked 
As a Customer Success Executive, you’ll be the client’s advocate and offer suggestions for how to make Room Unlocked’s solution better internally. Internally and directly communicating with team members and clients to translate their needs into results. Manage the entire marketing process with your Customer Success Manager’s assistance. Establish and manage how the client uses our platform, offering guidance on best practises and training to continuously drive value addition and a return on the customer’s investment. Creating client reports, analysing fundamental data, and reporting conclusions. 
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Published June 2, 2023

Role: Customer Success Coordinator 
Location: United States (Remote)   
Organization: Obility 
As a Customer Success Coordinator, you’ll serve as your clients’ main point of contact and communications coordinator using email, Slack, and Zoom. Develop and maintain excellent relationships with internal team members and customers. Set and manage customer expectations, and make sure service and performance live up to those standards through prompt communication and control over deliverables. With a thorough understanding of your customer’s business and goals, represent their interests and objectives internally. With a keen analytical eye, examine all client deliverables (such as reporting, analysis, and content) to make sure they are provided on schedule and error-free. Work together with the business development team to find chances for improving client relationships. 
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Role: Customer Success Specialist 
Location:  Durham, NC, United States (Remote)   
Organization: Aston Carter 
As a Customer Success Specialist, you’ll recognise and be familiar with the company’s sales tax application. Maintain correct and timely records in HubSpot, our customer relationship management (CRM) platform, and communicate with customers in a clear and exact manner both orally and in writing. By making clients’ sales tax application clear, you can educate and empower them. Be the customer’s advocate in the sales tax application of the business. Bring problems to a close. Please seek assistance from the Onboarding Manager or Filing Manager with any problems or challenging sales tax return difficulties. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Alabama, United States (Remote)   
Organization: CleverTap   
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll promote product adoption to assist customers in realising value and their desired business results (create Success Plans). Gain a thorough understanding of your clients’ industries and do health checks. Create a network of champions within each account using coaching, education, and powerful influencing abilities. Serve as a trusted advisor, champion, and marketing thought leader and subject-matter expert for our clients, and conduct regular executive business reviews. Develop, create, and manage marketing initiatives centred on engagement and revenue targets in conjunction with customers. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Florida, United States (Remote)   
Organization: Solera, Inc. 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll provide product consultancy and training remotely or on-site. Establish and maintain business relationships with influential decision-makers. Tackle easy to somewhat complex problems relating to all of our product’s products. Consult on process best practises, especially for a dealership’s revenue-generating features, to ensure high utilisation and client retention. Obtain the essential leadership of the dealership’s support for the new procedure and technology. Proactive case resolution communication with the dealership’s senior leadership. Proactive interactions that advance the dealer but are unrelated to a case. Keep your consumer communications on a regular schedule. Whitespace potential for upselling. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location:  St Petersburg, FL, United States (Hybrid) 
Organization: Sign In Enterprise 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll drive important milestones and results proactively in accordance with the programme framework and as described by the customer. Execute against the specified account procedures consistently within the specified programme area. Find gaps that affect the consumer experience, note them, and suggest possible fixes. Encourage clients to build and test their use case. By establishing and exceeding expectations, you may give your customers a greater onboarding experience. Risks should be deliberately reduced to ensure prompt execution. Manage a large number of projects while remaining current with pertinent notes, time tracking, and project status reporting. 
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