Published March 15, 2023

Role: Director, Customer Success 
Location: Houston, TX, United States (Remote)   
Organization: Innovapptive Inc 
As a Director of Customer Success, you’ll ensure great client happiness, adoption improvements, retention, and expansion, you should lead and manage the customer success team of strategic accounts. People Management & Recruiting: With an emphasis on creating a solid talent pipeline and assembling a high-performing team, hire, train, and manage a group of customer success specialists. Increase adoption, gross retention, and net retention, develop and implement customer success strategies, playbooks, processes, and best practises that are in line with the company’s goals and objectives. Establish and maintain excellent connections with important stakeholders across the organisation, including the sales, product, and engineering teams. Cross-Functional Team Cooperation. Problem-solving: Collaborate with the product team to make sure the platform satisfies our clients’ demands and generates value for them. 
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Role: Head of Customer Success 
Location: Berlin, Germany (Hybrid) 
Organization: Babbel 
As a Head of Customer Success, you’ll be in charge of a capable group of 20+ Key Account Managers, and you will cultivate a trusting, honest, and high-performing team atmosphere. Make sure your teams meet their revenue goals for upsells and extensions. Own the performance metrics in our CRM and apply them to enhance every team workflow. To ensure ongoing performance in customer retention, the development of scalable processes, and accelerated expansion plans, define the segment customer success strategy. Directly interact with numerous client teams to enhance Babbel’s use case and increase ecosystem acceptance. Improve customer satisfaction assessment, and give our Product & Engineering teams qualitative insights and quantitative data. Assess knowledge and skill gaps, create a training strategy with the Vice President of Business. 
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Role: Head of Customer Success 
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (Hybrid)   
Organization: Loop 
As a Head of Customer Success, you’ll be responsible for general client satisfaction (customer NPS). Revenue retention, renewal, and premium retention. Drive new cross-sell and upsell opportunities with the help of the Product & Customer Success Teams. HR benefit management – Have a problem-solving approach; collaborate with delivery functions as one team; work directly with Head of Operations, Head of Claims, and other members of our delivery team to ensure clients have an exceptional experience; escalate issues; help get issues fixed. Serve as the customer’s voice and make a contribution to our product strategy. Promote process enhancements that lead to quicker response and resolution times and improved NPS. Develop a strategy for business clients because they have more demands than midmarket and small to medium-sized business clients. Programs for all CSMs’ learning, growth, coaching, and training (customer success managers). 
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Role: VP of Customer Success 
Location: Austin, TX, United States (On-site) 
Organization: ShipperHQ 
As a Director of Customer Success, you’ll create and put into action ideas to boost client retention and decrease customer churn. Lead, oversee, and grow the teams responsible for customer success and retention. responsible for managing important operational KPIs and targets as well as our customer success strategy and execution. Increase renewal rates, lower churn, and affect future lifetime value through improved product uptake and customer satisfaction to drive customer success outcomes. Make certain that every client engagement is handled promptly and professionally. Develop and put into practise strategies to lower customer churn and raise retention rates by identifying and analysing customer trends and insights. Be in charge of generating income, both through growth and retention, by actively participating in your team and ensuring that you are all succeeding in accomplishing your personal and team objectives. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: London, England, United Kingdom (Remote) 
Organization: Integrate 
As a Director of Customer Success, you’ll own the relationship with Integrate’s customers while collaborating closely with Integrate employees around the company. is an industry authority in B2B & demand marketing trends, and she shares pertinent information and best practises about Integrate and the sector. Establishes and maintains strategic connections with Integrate’s most important users as well as senior-level marketing contacts (CMO, VP, Director, and Manager). Thinks strategically about their whole book of business, creating account plans and then carrying them out to boost platform adoption, drive retention and expansion, and encourage high customer satisfaction metrics. Utilizes internal tools to control, monitor, and report on important customer data (e.g. health, contacts, initiatives, etc.). possesses a cooperative, upbeat, and team-oriented attitude. proactive and driven by a love for customer success and everything that it entails. 
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Published March 14, 2023

Role: Director of Customer Success 
Location: NAMER, United States (Remote) 
Organization: Appvance 
As a Director of Customer Success, you’ll ensure that consumers utilise Appvance actively and receive a return on their investment (ROI) and business value. Create strategies and procedures that enable top-notch customer adoption, growth, and retention. Employ a group of knowledgeable customer success specialists. Share effective practises to boost product adoption and customer happiness. Support the growth of Appvance clients by working together with our VP of Sales. communicate and collaborate with cross-functional teams, such as our product team, to highlight the demands of the consumer for the product. Accurate forecasting, performance against key criteria, and client outcomes are used to gauge team effectiveness. You will work closely with the VP of Customer Success to create the groundwork for the Customer Success operations. 
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Role: Director of Operations (Customer Success) 
Location: Austin, TX, United States (On-site) 
Organization: Interplay Learning 
As a Director of Operations(Customer Success), you’ll work on CS data strategy design, implementation, and execution. Examine the consumer experience. review and improve each segment’s consumer interaction approach (Enterprise, Mid-Market, SMB and Education). Implement NPS metrics. Analysis of consumer behaviours, trends, and general wellbeing. Create a number of pilot playbooks, monitor pilot conversion, and perform a margin analysis. lead autopsies. 
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Role: VP, Customer Success (Remote 
Location: United States (Remote)   
As a VP, Customer Success you’ll promote customer value and outcomes across all customer categories, from the smallest to the largest. Raising renewal rates and decreasing churn. Working together with the cross-functional teams, promote growth and expansion. Increased product uptake, customer satisfaction, and value can have an impact on future lifetime value (KAV). Promote the growth of new businesses by increasing advocacy and referrability. Create, provide, and administer high touch and large-scale programmes to satisfy the requirements of various customer segments. To produce impact and results, collaborate cross-functionally with GTM, product, and marketing. oversee and have an impact on the CX for At-Scale; assist with journey and tech touch actions. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Germany (Remote) 
Organization: simpleclub 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll be bringing the team excellence, reliable workflows, and processes. to successfully establish and sustain relationships with our customers and to increase our influence so that they will become champions for simpleclub. assist our customers in implementing our goods and services successfully. Work constantly to improve the value we provide to our clients, ensuring that they get the most of our learning platform and discovering new opportunities for growth. By providing our product team with client feedback, you may help us develop our products. At SimpleClub, you will serve as the customer’s voice. 
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Role: Senior Vice President, Customer Success 
Location: Canada (Remote)   
Organization: AlayaCare   
As a Senior Vice President, Customer Success you’ll lead the charge to ensure that AlayaCare lives up to its fundamental promise of being customer-obsessed in close collaboration with the Chief Operational Officer. Oversee all Customer Success functions, including Professional Services, Customer Enablement, Client Experience, CS Operations, and a new Customer Success Management function for business customers, that support AlayaCare’s core markets (Canada and the USA). To succeed in a variety of markets and customer segments, we must constantly develop and improve our customer success model, which includes strategy, tactics, organisational structure, and service design. Provide the Voice of the Customer programme and related insights from AlayaCare using cutting-edge approaches in quantitative and qualitative analysis. Maintain scalable and sustainable financial performance levels while maintaining unwaveringly high standards of excellence in customer service. 
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Published March 13, 2023

Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Springfield, IL, United States 
Organization: OBIX by Clinical Computer Systems, Inc 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll guarantee that clients receive the most possible value and return on their investment. To guarantee that each customer’s use of the software solution closely reflects its business case and business plan, establish a trusted advisor relationship with health system executives, clinical leaders, and other champions. Find chances to deepen the connection and produce leads for the sales team. To function as a consultant spotting fresh opportunities to maximise the usage of software Solutions, one must have a thorough understanding of the software solution. Sustain high client retention rates that are in line with business objectives. Monitor and evaluate net benefits in relation to clearly stated customer goals and objectives and give customers and internal teams quantitative data. 
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Role: Entry Level Customer Success Specialist 
Location: Glendale, AZ, United States (On-site) 
Organization: Aston Carter 
As an Entry Level Customer Success Specialist you’ll respond to incoming calls from clients who want to fix problems or ask queries. Calls could be on a variety of topics, such as the account’s remaining balance, their invoice, a past-due payment, etc. offer top-notch customer support. Loop 101 and I-17 in the office. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 
Organization: IPC Systems, Inc. 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll expand the customer base and make doing business with IPC easier. The IPC Customer lifecycle for both new and current Customers is led, managed, and watched after by CSMs. Additionally, they focus on customer retention, improving customer support, and revenue growth while supporting a broad range of products and services. A CS M’s overarching objective is to enhance IPC’s sales channels through greater productivity and corporate accountability. The CSM oversees preserving and boosting client satisfaction while organically expanding their team’s customer base revenue portfolio. Additionally, they do market research, rank customer needs according to importance, create customer requirements, direct the creation of customer growth strategies, and offer customer lifecycle management. 
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Role: Head of Customer Success 
Location: Berlin, Germany (Hybrid) 
Organization: Fyrfeed 
As a Head of Customer Success, you’ll accumulate substantial customer success experience, ideally in a startup or a rapidly expanding firm. You persuade by openness and communication, and you maintain composure under pressure. You’ll possess a talent for organising, and you consistently manage your workload. Independent, goal-oriented work comes naturally to you. You take professional pleasure in creating new systems and frameworks and advancing the customer success field. You are a native speaker of both spoken and written English in addition to German. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada (Remote)   
Organization: Juniper Creates 
As a Customer Success Manager your aim is to guarantee that creators like using Juniper to promote their items. You will need to be the problem solver and collaborate cross-functionally with numerous internal teams when difficulties are escalated from the Client Success team to guarantee alignment with customer objectives and supply of strategic value. Your success will depend on your capacity to foster client relationships and raise retention. Team management – We’re scaling up on the Self-Service team. You will oversee the performance of a growing group of Client Success Specialists who are responsible for offering a customised but scalable solution to hundreds of accounts. 
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Published March 10, 2023

Role: Senior Customer Success Manager 
Location: London Area, United Kingdom (Remote)   
Organization: Zappi 
As a Senior Customer Success Manager, it will be your primary responsibility to ensure that our clients are getting the most out of our platform. You will work together with customers to help them reach their desired results and to spot and remove any obstacles in their way. Customer Onboarding and Training: In close collaboration with the Sales and Onboarding team, you are in charge of making sure that clients have a positive onboarding experience, immediately realise a return on investment, and receive frequent training on the newest Zappi features. Tool/Platform Expert – As our customers’ primary point of contact, you must be an expert in all of our tools and platforms in order to give them advice on the best options. 
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Role: VP of Customer Success 
Location: Palo Alto, CA, United States (Hybrid)   
Organization: Instrumental Inc. 
As a VP of Customer Success you’ll delve thoroughly into our company to comprehend how we operate within our sector and the value that our technology offers to clients. You’ll comprehend how we conduct business and look for chances and difficulties. You won’t only be managing a team of experts; you’ll also be an expert in Instrumental. In order to position and evangelise Instrumental’s value and effect for executives at the most admired businesses in the world, you will be working directly with customers while supporting and coaching our international team of customer success managers. You’ll put all you’ve learned to practise creating a playbook and strategy for Instrumental’s customer success. 
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Role: Managing VP, Customer Success 
Location: United States (Remote)   
Organization: Navitus Health Solutions 
As a Managing VP, Customer Success you’ll be accountable for ensuring that clients are able to provide best-in-class pharmacy benefits while successfully managing overall healthcare expenditures. This is done through retaining customers and growing existing partnerships. Deal with non-routine client issues, such as service delivery, quality, and needs evaluation. Discover market prospects and the desire to offer a bid or quote for new business. Assist in determining performance guarantees for substantial new business. Establish priorities, choose a service emphasis, decide on expense management, and grow new business by overseeing the operations of the client services employees. Determine the staff training requirements that promote strategic thought, innovation, and action. 
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Role: AVP, Customer Success and Delivery 
Location: United States (Remote) 
Organization: League 
As a AVP of Customer Success you’ll own a book of Platform level business and manage client connections over the entire customer lifecycle using a team-based strategy. Maintain faultless execution and communication during service delivery during installation. Encourage initiatives to increase customer satisfaction as assessed by Net Promoter Score (NPS), member satisfaction, and approaches for member and customer interaction. Implement our engagement model, which includes cross-sell/up-sell, success planning, and account management strategies. Check your progress against our goals and KPIs. By assisting with the hiring, luring, and retention of a group of delivery and customer success specialists, you can assist the VP of CS. As necessary, report out and escalate to leadership and important stakeholders. Create a solid network of connections with peers, partners, clients, and other important stakeholders. 
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Role: VP Customer Success 
Location: Dallas, TX, United States 
Organization: Entrust   
As a VP Customer Success you’ll determine, persuade, and coordinate stakeholders on customer priorities. Get a thorough awareness of the objectives, concerns, and decision-making processes of your customers. Align stakeholders inside the customer to assist them visualise and align goals/measures by using facilitation and industry experience. Use resources like value maps, programme management software like Asana, and expert engagements like carrying out customer Proof of Concept (POC). Create, put into action, and monitor collaboratively agreed-upon success plans to guarantee renewals among internal and customer stakeholders. Determine customer obstacles and challenges, then use friction-reducing techniques. Impact strategies that assist the client’s transformation by utilising governance, training, and enablement programmes along with customer maturity assessments. 
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