Published February 24, 2023

Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: NAMER, United States (Remote) 
Organization: SnapCell 
As a Customer Success Manager you’ll onboard new customers and train without a hitch. Account management for both new and current clients. Frequent phone or online meetings with current clients within predetermined time frames. updating the SnapCell customer location/user templates. creating and participating in the completion of monthly customer reports and audits. Recognizing and promoting firm initiatives to market to our current clients. regularly exceeding your clients’ expectations by taking care of their urgent needs. 
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Role: Lead Customer Success Manager 
Location: Austin, TX, United States (Hybrid) 
Organization: ASTRALABS 
As a Lead Customer Success Manager you’ll set expectations for a founder’s programme experience and hold them accountable. operate as the main point of contact for a founders account (100-150 accounts). To establish accountability and support founders in their programme journey, have regular check-in calls with them. Handle emails and tickets pertaining to founder requests, such as program-related inquiries, requests for programme changes (restarts, pauses, extensions, etc.), level 1 escalation calls, etc. Throughout their Accelerator experience, they will discover success stories inside their accounts, qualify any leads for success stories, and perform success story interviews. Taking care of level 1 escalation requests, offering entrepreneurs options to reduce churn, or elevating the matter to a Senior CSM and producing complaint summaries for management review. Consult our Investor Relations team. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Union, NJ, United States (Hybrid) 
Organization: OIA GLOBAL 
As a Customer Success Manager you’ll ensure that you stay on top of any current and/or upcoming business prospects to take care of, schedule virtual communication with all levels within the account(s). Make ensuring that appropriate SOPs are in place for the account(s), both internally and externally, are current, and are readily accessible to all parties. The operations team and I work together to set up a SOP, but the CSM is still in charge of maintaining it. Get in touch with the region’s pertinent key account decision makers. Inform contacts who are already working on the account(s) or who would be interested in doing so about additional services in the areas of supply chain optimization, materials management, warehousing, packaging, and transportation. Continually and proactively look for ways to reduce costs and improve services. Enhancing service processes will increase overall customer satisfaction. 
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Role: Senior Customer Success Manager 
Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States (Remote)   
Organization: Trava   
As a Senior Customer Success Manager you’ll use excellent relationship-building, product expertise, strategy, and execution, manage post-sales activity for clients. Advocate for our consumers and give internal input on how we can better serve them. By making routine phone calls for tactical updates and doing strategic business reviews for goal and outcome alignment, you can increase client retention. Monitor accounts to spot churn risk and work diligently to remove it. Participate in a data-driven reporting system to produce KPIs and metrics that can be used to evaluate, monitor, and improve every facet of our interactions with customers. Maintain open communication on the state of your book of business. Manage several clients at once, all of whom are at different stages of the account lifecycle. 
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Role: Customer Success Leader 
Location: Seattle, WA, United States (Remote) 
Organization: Vouched 
As a Customer Success Leader you’ll create, manage, and advance a CS team. aid in locating and hiring critical personnel both inside and beyond the IDV sector. Create and use tools and techniques for account management. Create and implement broad-based and client-specific account retention and expansion strategies. Update the leadership and cross-functional teams on the priorities for the products that the customers want. Show vouched value to clients on a regular basis. Internally represent the interests of the customer to assist the company in planning for customer encounters, setting priorities, and developing a product roadmap. We’re all constructing something together, so work as a member of the wider team. 
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Published February 23, 2023

Role: Senior Customer Success Executive 
Location: Seattle, WA, United States (On-site) 
Organization: Siteimprove   
As a Senior Customer Success Executive you’ll achieve and surpass the overall customer retention targets with the targeted clients. Establish important milestones and goals with strategic customers, develop key performance indicators, and assist the customer in realising their definition of success. Execute Executive Business Reviews (EBR) on a regular basis, according to the type of customer, at intervals chosen based on customer value. Determine ahead of time whether customer health is improving or failing, then take appropriate action using all techniques and instruments to provide answers to the appropriate parties. Lead activities for knowledge exchange, including but not limited to process improvements and market and sector trends. Please offer comments that will enhance the way Siteimprove interacts with our clients. Investigate the reasons behind customers who express a desire to discontinue their membership by working with them. 
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Role: Customer Success Associate 
Location: Berkeley Lake, Georgia, United States (Hybrid)   
Organization: Clover Health 
As a Customer Success Associate you’ll ensure customer satisfaction by developing strong, collaborative connections with practices and holding regular reviews with doctors to discuss product upgrades. Follow and compile consumer insights to inform product roadmaps. Evaluate data to spot trends and take decisive action. Be an expert user of the product by demonstrating a thorough awareness of the features of the product and how providers are expected to interact with it. To encourage adoption, keep your knowledge of Clover Assistant capabilities and best practices workflows current. To assist practices and providers, document workflows and other assets. Promote trusting relationships between Clover and the practices employing Clover Assistant by displaying provider empathy. Plan meetings in conjunction with users, and react quickly to continuing needs. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Central, UT, United States (Remote) 
Organization: 8×8   
As a Customer Success Manager you’ll be promoting adoption in a way that meets the customer’s business goals, maximises their return on investment, and cultivates raving fans for our product, we can manage and develop a large number of annually renewing customers at scale. By implementing tested tactics that promote product uptake and customer retention, we can maintain monthly recurring revenue for our commercial clients. In charge of timely contract renewals 

To identify possible customer churn, analyse commercial customer data. Be a pioneer in implementing adoption and retention strategies using both internal and external resources. Using multi-channel communication tactics, such as video, email, phone, channel partners, internal and external champions, we can maintain and strengthen stakeholder customer connections. Help to the growth of lifetime income by spotting upsell opportunities using 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: New York, NY, United States (Hybrid) 
Organization: FINN 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll possess and oversee a portfolio of current clients: Establish a consultative relationship with each account, getting to know their needs and taking proactive steps to address problems. Effectively address questions and concerns raised by customers. Understand our product and the market: To assist in advising your portfolio of clients on fleet needs and solutions, become an authority on the corporate fleet market and our product range. maintain and expand the accounts of our current clients: Ensure continued client pleasure, maximise customer retention, and proactively spot expansion prospects on existing customers as you manage the customer lifecycle. Improve and establish processes and procedures: As we expand the team in the US, we work cross-functionally to establish and optimise business processes and operational procedures. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: New York, United States (On-site)  
Organization: Talon.One 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll provide consumers with ongoing assistance and proactive advice to help them grow their business with Talon.One. To integrate Talon.One, resolve technical problems, and provide two-way client feedback, work closely with Technical Account Managers and the development team. Provide effective one-on-one and group communications with Product, Tech, and Marketing throughout our customers’ companies, and create a clear grasp of the advantages. Talon One brings every division. Share your Talon One knowledge with customers to help them become power users of our platform. Work as a team to put the collective knowledge to use. 
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Published February 22, 2023

Role: VP of Customer Success 
Location: San Francisco, CA, United States (Remote)   
Organization: Aspire 
As a VP of Customer Success you’ll set broad goals for the Customer Success team, with a focus on encouraging adoption, smooth customer onboarding, and pleasant customer experiences across all customer segments (from SMBs through to Enterprise). Create and put into effect initiatives that increase client retention, revenue, and satisfaction (increase renewal rates and reduce churn). Create, provide, and administer high touch and at scale programmes that cater to the demands of various consumer segments. Increase future lifetime value of clients by influencing them to adopt your products, to be more satisfied with them, and to use and value them more. For each stage of the journey, standardise interventions and playbooks. To increase impact and improve the customer experience, collaborate across functional lines with GTM, Product, and Marketing. 
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Role: Vice President, Customer Success 
Location: United States (Remote) 
Organization: Sprout Social, Inc 
As a VP of Customer Success you’ll have to ensure that our customers use Sprout Social’s platform to accomplish desired results, you must head up a world-class customer success department. Develop the teams of Customer Success leaders through recruitment, hiring, and development in order to promote a collaborative, high-achieving, and lifelong learning environment. implement several tactics to keep and expand our customer base by providing huge value and being a pleasure to do business with. Increase renewal rates, boost revenue through cross-selling and renewals, and boost lifetime value by raising adoption and customer health ratings are all examples of driving Customer Success outcomes. Meeting with our biggest and most important clients on a regular basis, providing them with executive sponsorship and internal advocacy. Analyzing data to develop operational measures and gauging the success of customers 
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Role: VP, Customer Success 
Location: California, United States (Remote) 
Organization: Teradata 
As a VP of Customer Success you’ll be responsible for developing, deploying, and coordinating best practises across teams and geographies in the area. Oversee the growth, mentoring, and motivation of a group of customer success and service experience managers. responsible for finding, hiring, and integrating top-notch Customer Success Managers who are enthusiastic about guiding and assisting Teradata’s transition. Keep your performance at a high level and lead teams that can continually develop, explain, and uphold the value of the Teradata solution for client business difficulties. Make sure the Customer Success team keeps pushing for higher NPS, feature adoption, and use of the Teradata product portfolio. Develop and expand Teradata’s capabilities in high-touch, virtual, and digital customer success models by contributing to the collection of assets. develop effective cross-cultural collaboration 
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Role: AVP, Customer Success and Delivery 
Location: United States (Remote)   
Organization: League 
As a AVP of Customer Success and Delivery you’ll own a book of Platform level business and manage client connections over the entire customer lifecycle using a team-based strategy. Oversee the service delivery during implementation with faultless execution and communication. Encourage initiatives to increase customer satisfaction as assessed by Net Promoter Score (NPS), member satisfaction, and approaches for member and customer interaction. Implement our engagement model, which includes cross-sell/up-sell, success planning, and account management strategies. Check your progress against our goals and KPIs. By assisting with the hiring, luring, and retention of a group of delivery and customer success specialists, you can assist the VP of CS. As necessary, report out and escalate to leadership and important stakeholders. Create a solid network of connections with peers, partners, clients, and other important stakeholders. 
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Role: Vice President of Customer Success 
Location: United States (Remote) 
Organization: Premier Group Recruitment 
As a VP of Customer Success you’ll create a team dedicated to customer success with 20+ individual contributors to carry out a significant nationwide rollout beginning in Q1 2023. By establishing the strategy and priorities, selecting, educating, and building a world-class team, you may lead, develop, and mentor the Customer Success function. By ensuring that users are efficiently onboarded, taught, and supported in the usage of internal technology, you may increase customer success. To guarantee that the business is delivering users with the appropriate marketing information at the appropriate time, make sure the CS team is firmly aligned with the suppliers’ marketing teams and the customers’ development teams. To achieve alignment on strategic goals and activation plans, work closely with the customer’s sales, commercial effectiveness, commercial operations, and development groups. To maximise and expand, design the customer success organisation and solutions. 
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Published February 21, 2023

Role: Head of Customer Success 
Location: London, England, United Kingdom (Hybrid) 
As a Head of Customer Success you’ll establish the customer success strategy, specify the desired operating model, and work together across the organisation to maintain ongoing alignment with the product, sales, and technical support teams. To provide high levels of customer satisfaction, recruit and train the best customer success managers. Expand the support organisation to offer worldwide, cross-product line, and multi-channel product assistance. Line manage the team, cultivate a positive team culture, hold regular 1-on-1 meetings and team gatherings, and make sure that decisions, plans, and goals are communicated and that problems are promptly fixed. When required, set an example for your direct reports by working directly with clients and showing them what best-in-class looks like in terms of operational efficiency and client communication. Use appropriate data and a data-driven strategy. 
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Role: Director of Customer Success 
Location: San Diego, CA, United States (On-site) 
Organization: TOOTRiS 
As a Director of Customer Success you’ll Create and put into action customer success strategy. Provide Customer Success Teams with leadership and mentoring to keep them inspired, engaged, and motivated. The team’s success goals should be eloquently communicated, quantified, and expanded. control the day-to-day activities of the nearby and distant Customer Success Teams. Effective solutions that will continuously improve the service to ensure the best possible customer experience and repeat business are identified in response to business needs, customer input, and industry best practises. Make a strategic plan and budget for your company’s longer-term requirements, such as seasonal peaks, growth, new projects, and product releases. Develop and implement incentive and performance achievement strategies and awards in order to attract, hire, and keep high-caliber team members. Establish, control, and share KPIs for customer success. Cultivate efficient and cooperative connections with the executive 
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Role: Director, Global Customer Success 
Location: San Francisco, CA, United States 
Organization: Olympus Corporation of the Americas 
As a Director of Global Customer Success you must have thorough knowledge of customer success strategies and techniques, such as (but not limited to) segmentation, customer journey, and customer health scoring. commercial expertise in upselling and/or renewals. knowledge of market research, consumer feedback, and user requirements. Very effective at handling uncertainty and change as business demands change, responding well to pressure, and displaying flexibility while guaranteeing compliance. The salary range for this position is expected to be between $145,000 and $217,000 USD per year, and it will rely on the qualities of the applicant. 
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Role: Director, Customer Success Operations 
Location: Sunrise, FL, United States 
Organization: Entrust   
As a Director of Customer Success Operations you’ll conduct general management duties, such as recruiting, hiring, reviewing performance, individual development initiatives, etc. Team performance should be compared to department standards to verify that they are routinely fulfilled or exceeded. serve as a point of contact for difficulties, and give the team direction and leadership. By planning, organisation, and project management, give the required work the direction it needs to be managed. Enterprise SaaS/cloud software customer success positions require a minimum of seven years of progressive experience. 7+ years of experience working with or managing technical programmes, whether as a vendor, partner, ISV, consultant, or as a vendor. A minimum of three years of experience managing change and leading people. Must be qualified to work legally in the US and possess unlimited work authorization for the country. 
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Role: Head of Customer Success 
Location: United States (Remote) 
Organization: Nyla 
As a Head of Customer Success you’ll create a world-class success organisation by leading a team of customer success managers. Along with the launch teams, offer outstanding onboarding experiences and customer projects on time. Create scalable and effective delivery processes. Find reference and upsell chances, and you’ll be in charge of the account’s expansion and satisfaction. Gather and document comments, observations, assignments, and data to exchange amongst departments. Take on the role of the organization’s merchant and partner advocates, ensuring that their requirements are understood, expressed, and met. Increase the lifetime value and contentment of your partners, and collaborate with them to produce case studies and champions who may be cited. Maintain a platform conversion plan, which includes developing and distributing features, advantages, and best practises. Use data-driven methods to pinpoint, handle, and settle important issues. 
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