Published May 4, 2023

Role: Vice President of Customer Success 
Location: Chicago, IL, United States (On-site)   
Organization: Dice 
As a Vice President of Customer Success, you’ll be the spokesperson for customer success by introducing continuous improvement strategies, business transformation opportunities, POC collaboration, and strategic industry alliances, all while ensuring high NPS scores for assigned customers. Establish a solid rapport with the CIO and C-Suite and work together with the leadership to shape the roadmaps for innovation and transformation. Gain a thorough understanding of the goals and internal workings of the assigned accounts as you develop account level expertise. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of pertinent sector and account-related news, and incorporate it into your account strategy. To fulfil the needs of the client and Birlasoft, create efficient processes that provide leadership and structure in confusing situations. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany (On-site) 
Organization: EMSU GmbH 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll be responsible for communication on upcoming campaigns. Advice and support for customers. Development of communication strategies. You work closely with the sales and service team. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Germany (Remote) 
Organization: TutorSpace 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll be the most important contact person, you ensure that our parents and students have a high level of customer satisfaction (by telephone, email and WhatsApp). You always help our customers to find an optimal solution and advise them with an open ear on contract extensions and the required number of hours. You will coordinate closely with our team of tutors and educational advisors. You will help us to understand our customers even better and to continuously improve our processes and workflows. Write analyses, reports and evaluations. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany (On-site) 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll be creating customer campaigns in our campaign system. Enrichment and verification of data. Organisation, coordination and monitoring of customer campaigns. Interface function between marketing and operations. Preparation and follow-up of meetings and appointments. Addressing and advising new customers by email and telephone. Preparation of offers and invoicing. Preparation of presentations, minutes and statistics. Filing and resubmission.  
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Berlin, Berlin, Germany (On-site) 
Organization: Insurgo GmbH 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll be the central contact person for our customers’ complex data migrations. You prepare the customer’s data for the import (preparation of Google spreadsheets, data maintenance, etc.). As an Insurgo expert, you are the first point of contact for our users and manage their inquiries in a confident and solution-oriented manner. You will play a key role in the successful move of our new customers to Insurgo. You accompany our customers in Insurgo onboarding from the first click. 
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Published May 3, 2023

Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Cambridge, England, United Kingdom (Hybrid)  
Organization: ADVANCE® AI 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll guarantee organic growth by looking for chances with other companies and nations. Develop proactive, long-lasting relationships with clients at various levels of the client organisation and departments. Recognise client requirements and needs to guarantee that we are consistently meeting their expectations. Planning and preparing for client meetings, participating in business development meetings, and providing follow-up and proposal development as needed are all examples of business development support. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: United States (Remote)  
Organization: Feathr 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll Learn and keep up-to-date on Feathr so you can talk to consumers about the features and uses that are most pertinent to their individual marketing requirements. Establishing and maintaining long-term connections with clients will help you better understand their needs and boost annual customer retention. Call clients on a frequent basis to check in and discuss how they’re using the platform and how they’re adopting the new goods. Be prepared to dispel doubts and promote the benefits of Feathr products. Determine prospects for client growth based on demands, and then manage the sales cycle (from starting the conversation through concluding the transaction) for those opportunities. While some sales will occur in the middle of contracts, others will take place when customers renew their licences on an annual basis. 
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Role: Customer Success Specialist 
Location: Broomfield, CO, United States (On-site)   
Organization: Robert Half  
As a Customer Success Specialist, you’ll develop and put into practise strategies to enhance the client experience. Deliver first-rate customer service over the phone and/or email in a busy setting. Create, monitor, and analyse measures for customer success. Delve into difficult challenges and concerns. Encourage customer shopper s acquisition, loyalty, and retention. Train and coach personnel who interact with customers to enhance their loyalty.  
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Role: Customer Success Intern 
Location: New York, United States (Remote) 
Organization: Novata   
As a Customer Success Intern, you’ll be held to go over the status of the project and resolve any issues, questions, or suggestions. If you live nearby, you can visit our offices in New York or Washington, DC, to meet with your mentor and the rest of the team. A mentor will be chosen for each intern. In addition to their immediate supervisor, the mentor will help the intern adjust to the workplace culture, respond to general inquiries, and offer support. They will meet with the project supervisors to wrap up and review the project and deliverables after the internship. The project manager will assess the intern’s performance as well. 
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Role: Customer Success Agent 
Location: Dallas, TX, United States (On-site)   
Organization: LifeSeasons 
As a Customer Success Agent, you’ll each day, respond to 80–100 incoming calls, emails, and chats from customers and determine the kind of assistance they require. While recording necessary information in computer systems, ask the right questions and listen intently to identify any specific questions or issues. Guiding consumers through LifeSeasons and NeuroQ websites while reassuring and encouraging them to become independent users of our tools. Work with support resources to resolve customer issues and/or collaborate with others to resolve escalated issues by researching difficult issues across multiple databases. 
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Published April 28, 2023

Role: VP of Customer Success 
Location: Reading, England, United Kingdom (On-site) 
Organization: Redstor 
As a VP of Customer Success, you’ll be making sure our consumers are completely satisfied with our goods and services is your responsibility as our newly created Vice President of Customer Success. Additionally, you’ll collaborate with our partners to use cross- and up-selling to boost revenue growth. Your contribution will be essential to enhancing our clients’ overall experience and ensuring that they come back for more. You’ll be the alpha dog, coaching, mentoring, and directing our customer success managers to give each and every one of our clients an excellent experience. 
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Role: Director, Digital Customer Success 
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada (On-site) 
Organization: Informatica 
As a Director, Digital Customer Success, you’ll create and support efforts that nurture the digital journey. Create and carry out programmes in Marketo for a variety of channels, including email, the web, nurturing of in-products, field events, webinars, etc. Manage and cultivate your current clientele to promote account retention, customer value, and business growth. Develop Customer Journeys for various IDMC services across the Onboard -> Adopt – > Expand and Renew Segments in collaboration with SME’s and COE owners. Working with COE/Enablement, suggest improvements to any automated communications, procedures, dashboards, or workflows that are necessary for the digital experience. Determine the material needed for nurturing and map it to the customer journey milestones by working with content stake holders. To better support your accounts in case of need, learn how processes currently operate and everyday tasks flow from customer success managers. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Remote   
Organization: Compass Search Group LLC 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll work with customers to comprehend their needs and find ways to improve the customer experience. Deliver top-notch support and customer service to customers via phone, email, and video calls. Work together with cross-functional teams from the sales, product, and engineering departments to guarantee our clients’ success. Examine client data to spot patterns and chances to enhance customer retention and happiness. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: San Francisco, CA, United States 
Organization: Elementl   
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll getting new consumers on board and making sure they have a good first experience with the product. Continual customer support across a variety of channels is provided to ensure the success of the product. Analysing client data and metrics to spot trends and prevent problems before they happen. Identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities and communicating consumer feedback for product enhancement in collaboration with the sales and product teams. 
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Role: Customer Success Manager 
Location: Austin, TX, United States (Remote)   
Organization: ArborXR 
As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll guarantee that consumers use the product effectively and take advantage of new product capabilities, establish and maintain connections with customers and business stakeholders and implementation teams. Create and uphold success plans among important parties. Conduct and manage executive business reviews (EBRs) and cadence conversations with customers. Analyse customer KPIs for product uptake, client satisfaction, and customer objectives. Obtain in-depth knowledge of the market, product, and industry. Help ArborXR develop the systems and resources needed to scale customer success. 
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Published April 27, 2023

Role: VP of Customer Success 
Location: Buffalo-Niagara Falls Area, United States   
Organization: The Leadership Agency 
As a VP of Customer Success, you’ll promote account expansion and implementations. Embrace ambiguity while advancing the process. Help with the customer lifecycle’s design, implementation, and optimisation. Set up a tracking system and operational KPIs so that the CS team can be held responsible for engagement results, customer happiness, and customer growth. Responsible for ensuring the CS team engages with consumers continuously to promote adoption, value, and advocacy. Establish a culture that prioritises the needs of the client while collaborating cross-functionally with all teams, including the product and technical teams. 
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Role: Head of Customer Success 
Location: Boston, MA, United States (Remote) 
Organization: Goldcast 
As a Head of Customer Success, you’ll be the focus of your main duties. You will determine whether the present strategy—the direction, the team, the procedures, and everything else we do with our customers—is still in their best interests at every stage of the quickly expanding business. You determine the Customer department’s approach. You will oversee the full post-sales organisation. This will involve the customer success team, the customer support team, and the implementation team. You will be in charge of leading, organising, and guiding those teams to ensure that they are successful in providing the greatest possible customer service. In addition, you will be in charge of overall hiring, capacity planning, performance management, and role. 
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Role: VP of Customer Success 
Location: United States (Remote)   
Organization: Meal Ticket 
As a VP of Customer Success, you’ll be raising renewal rates and decreasing churn. Through cross-sell and up-sell, we can increase our revenue in those accounts. Increase product adoption, customer contentment, and general health scores to have an impact on lifetime value in the future. Promote the growth of new businesses by increasing advocacy and referrability. Customer travel map. Create listening points along the way (such as usage and satisfaction, for example). Each stage of the journey should have a consistent intervention. Define customer base segmentation and several approaches. 
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Role: VP of Customer Success 
Location: Mountain View, CA, United States (Remote) 
Organization: Lily AI 
As a VP of Customer Success, you’ll Develop and maintain connections with senior leaders and important stakeholders within the organisation. Directly engage with other senior leaders and other stakeholders to analyse customer performance, trends, and satisfaction with our goods and solutions. own pre-sales assistance, onboarding of fresh clients, platform setup, training, continuous client interactions, and product updates. Establish the CS function’s long-term strategic direction. Serving as the customer’s voice, collaborate closely with the GTM, Product, Marketing, and Operations teams. Create and track progress towards CS operational goals in relation to important indicators like churn and renewal rates. Develop and implement a post-sale success management strategy. 
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Role: VP, Customer Success 
Location: Seattle, WA, United States (Remote) 
As a VP of Customer Success, you’ll assemble, nurture, and keep a top-notch team. Metrics at every level of the organisation that define success for our clients are established. Create and implement our second product’s success and support approach (Affinity for Salesforce). Promote responsibility across all functions using those success metrics. Explains a common strategy for giving our customers a top-notch experience. Develop and implement scalable strategies to offer every customer a world-class customer experience. Develop and implement scalable methods to gauge and enhance time to value for all of our solutions. 
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