SmartSegmentation: Intuitive Customer Segmentation Tools

Improve your campaign results by up to 4X with flexible intuitive and detailed segmentation of your audience.

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With a simple SDK/API integration, SmartKarrot lets you have the power of an easy-to-use visual interface where you can segment your audience on a variety of parameters.

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Segment audience by user attributes, device attributes or app events

SmartKarrot gives you flexibility to segment your audience according to custom parameters from your application:

  • User attributes like name, age, gender, country etc

  • Device attributes like OS version, model, app version and more

  • Event triggers specific to your application

The platform provides you a way to add custom attributes if required.

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Create either static or dynamic audience groups

The platform allows you to create dynamic segments based on changing real-time conditions or static groups based on data snapshot at a particular instance. With SmartKarrot, you get a way to respond to both past and ever-changing business scenarios

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