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What Is Buyer Intent Data and How to Use It to Boost Sales

What is buyer intent data and how is it used to boost and leverage sales? Read on this blog to unlock your answers right away.

Buyer Intent Data
Buyer Intent Data

A recent report by Think with Google confirms that 89% of the people rely on research before making a particular purchase, thus, making them a potential buyer. That is when the concept of buyer intent data comes into picture. By mapping your prospect’s behaviors and knowing their desires, buyer intent data can help understand your customers better and bring you better insights into their searches. Eventually, this helps in boosting sales and leveraging more profits. If you have been wondering about buyer intent data off late, then you are now on the right page to unlock these answers.

Table of Contents

  • What is Buyer Intent Data?
  • How to use Buyer Intent Data to boost Sales?
    1. It acts as a perfect guide for messaging
    2. It helps you acquire more insights about potential prospects
    3. It aids in optimizing Content Marketing
    4. It enhances Customer Retention Rate
    5. It leads to effective prospecting

What is Buyer Intent Data?

Simply put, buyer intent data tells you how to delve into your customer’s shopping behavior and trace out potential prospects. The more you get to hone and leverage buyer intent data, you tend to become a part of their journey with you at a nascent stage and stand a chance to work things out in your favor. With the help of intent data, you can study the frequency of visitors on your page as well as their time duration. You can also know what is it that they spend their highest time on, and which are the areas that seem to fascinate them more. Let us now learn how to use it to boost sales.

How to use Buyer Intent Data to boost Sales?

It acts as a perfect guide for messaging

The best thing about buyer intent data is that it can aim in-market clients and help convert them into potential brand advocates. Not only that, this can further be used to design unique and specific messaging that connects with various customer segments in a multitude of ways. You are still not late to align your outreach with specific interest signals that customer leave with, say, collecting cookies from a third-party site. This type of data shows more research and content from a prospect’s perspective, this includes their shopping history, time spent and additional information as well.

It helps you acquire more insights about potential prospects

One of the easiest ways of boosting sales is by taking a step ahead of your prospects during their customer journey with you. With the right buyer intent data, it becomes way easier for you to acquire more insights about your customers and potential prospects. You might just be totally unaware of what your next customer is currently doing. With behavioral data, you can gain this knowledge and create content to target them specifically. Figure out clients who could be interested in your business, start tracking their behavior and incorporate them in your decision-making process.

It aids in optimizing Content Marketing

Content is the king. Now, when you top it up with the goodness of buyer intent data, you pave way to content that attracts your target audience and tempts potential prospects wanting to take actions for getting associated with your business. Not just that, intent data helps you in getting the right keywords, aids in updating the blog content and create ads and copies that have greater accuracy and are good to look at. Combining content with intent data will help in completing your conversion funnel with the best results.

It enhances Customer Retention Rate

Buyer intent data not only helps you in getting more leads or conversions, but it also helps in enhancing your existing customer retention rate by minimizing overall churn rate. So, how does it do that? First and foremost, it takes control of all the customer’s action by analyzing their behavior. It takes special note of the times when a customer feels dissatisfied or visits the cancel my subscription page. Only a customer who wants to cancel their subscription would likely hover around this page. Equipped with this critical data, you can track multiple intent signals of your existing clientele and pay special attention to the unhappy ones to retain them.

It leads to effective prospecting

What matters the most for a sales teams is their ability to close a deal. With the help of buyer intent data, closing a deal becomes relatively easier. It catches hold of a user’s behavior and lets you know how to tailor your content means and opt for direct targeting. Simply put, it can also give you more information on how sales can engage with leads as fast as possible and get what customers are researching at the moment.

Parting Thoughts

Is buyer intent data all worth it, seems like a million dollar question. Long story short, it all depends on how a business wants to spend its budget. While top pf the funnel will demand more attention and time from you, purchasing buyer intent and using CRM and internal data is a much wiser option. It is most effective when a business has a well-crafted buyer persona and has the capacity to follow through with leads in a timely manner. Therefore, pick your weapon very carefully and do that what is best for you and your customers. Because at the end of the day, it is the happiness of the customers that should matter the most to you.

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