What Is Customer Intent? How Customer Intent Data Can Help Transform Customer Success?

What Is Customer Intent? How Customer Intent Data Can Help Transform Customer Success?

Customer Intent is the intention or purpose of a customer behind buying a certain product. Dive into the blog to know how it can transform customer success.

Customer Intent

Every time a customer comes forward to make a purchase, there is always a reason behind it. If they are looking for a great pair of boots, it could be possible that they are prepping up for an event. If they are ransacking the ball gown department, maybe they have a prom to attend to. That is exactly what the term, customer intent is all about. Know that it is more like a question of ‘why’, and not ‘what’.

Each step of a client’s experience with a brand showcases some underlying intent that drives the customer to make a purchase. In the Customer Success niche, it is crucially important to understand the intent of a customer to succeed faster. Here in this blog, we will learn more about customer intent and how customer intent data can revamp your business in no time. Without any further ado, let us get started.

What is Customer Intent?

Customer Intent is the true intention of a customer that drives the reason behind interacting with your brand. While it is a given that the customer journeys have tended to become more mobile-based, segmented, and time-sensitive, it is of high pertinence to understand what has driven the prospect to purchase in the first place. Studying the intent of a client can help you track areas where you are unsure of how to proceed.

Further, if done right it can fuel advertising and anticipate the customer needs with a magnifying lens. This data, or otherwise called Customer Intent Data can bring you massive useful insights when it comes to Customer’s Success. Here are three ways that best second this statement:

Building a lasting relationship with your Customers

To stick around at the peak of your business, it is necessary that the people see you as a trusted and known brand. Once you have closed a sale does not mean that your relationship with the customer has ended. See it as the beginning of a lasting relationship ahead. Nurturing this relationship is easier when you have the context and intelligence around what to talk to them about. That is when intent data comes into play.

Simply put, all you have to do is incorporating intent data into the customer database. With his, you will be able to find insightful content that automatically displays on their accounts. Now, the second one of your contacts get a promotion or a team brings in a brand-new decision maker, you will be notified instantly and would be able to reach out to them. Also, imagine how pressurizing it could be to feed in the data manually, otherwise.

 It would be almost impossible to keep up with the normal customer responsibilities. That is where leveraging out of the intent data can save you a grand fortune. All you need to focus on is building a better relationship with your customers and let the intent data take care of the rest.

Preventing Churn Proactively

It goes without saying that modern organizations are deeming customer success as a vital health indicator. Moreover, it also acts as a safeguard against the vicious churn. Unlike most of the tertiary functions involved in customer success, customer success is all about going the extra mile to delight a customer. In a world without imperfections, closing a sale with stellar customer experience should cut down on the churn rates completely. Sadly, in these cut-throat competitive businesses, your customer has plenty of options and will not stay an extra single second if they see something better.

Luckily, intent data can aid in rendering insights that can show you some of the behind-the-scene behavior of the customer who is about to churn away. Clubbing this data with your customer success database can also tell you if a nearly churned away client has now become an active player in your business. Additionally, reaching out to them before the timer buzzes is a good idea too.

Solicit feedback on whether the pricing is inconvenient to them? Is this any particular feature on the tool that they have issues with? It could be possible that addressing these issues will pull back an ailing customer back in no time.

Upscaling and Expanding on the go

Congratulations on getting a new customer! Okay, what’s next? You hold their hand, walk them in and around your system and teach them the basics. But is that all it takes? No way! Remember, this is just the beginning. Once they get along with your system, do not leave them to churn away when they are done with your business. That is a big no-no in the business schemes.

Grab this opportunity to maximize their use of your service and get more out of it. Doing this, would not only step you to sell upscale in your business but now the customer will give a second thought before churning away. Note that, it is always more convenient to try expanding your existing accounts, rather than fetching the new ones.

In fact, acquiring a newer client can cost up to five times more than keeping a current one, states a statistical report. Further, by studying customer intent, you can seamlessly ascertain if your customers are looking at your competition. If you could quickly reach out to them and tailor your communication in a way that satisfies their demands, you may just steer away from the bulging churn rates.

That’s a Wrap

In simpler terms, customer intent is understood as a synonym to the buyer’s intentions, or the purpose behind an action as a part of the customer’s journey towards purchasing with you. A well-researched customer intent can help in foreseeing what a customer might need assistance with – whether it is an inquiry about a product feature, a complaint, a cry for help, or a loving thanks. How your customer interacts can say you a lot more than the customer itself. Try out the above-mentioned practices and you are guaranteed to leverage the best out of it.

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