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Top 10 Customer Data Platform (CDP) Companies

Which are the top ten customer data platform companies today? What sets them apart and a definite game-changer in the industry? Read on to know more.

Customer Data Platform Companies

If you wish to gain valuable insights from the minds of potential prospects and suitable customers, customer data platforms should be your go-to. These platforms are a centralized hub, pooling a bunch of data from multiple sources and clubbing it onto a unified database. And they are intelligently designed to connect to the customers and create a customer profile. On that note, here are the top 10 Customer Data Platform Companies for your eyes. Did your favorite one just make it to the list? Let us find out.

  1. Exponea
  2. Segment
  3. CaliberMind
  4. Datorama
  5. Insider
  6. mParticle
  7. Tealium
  8. Listrak
  9. Optimove
  10. Blueshift


Exponea is an end-to-end customer data platform company that combines omnichannel campaign execution with advanced customer data analytics. It has been skillfully designed to handle acquiring, converting, and retaining customers under a single umbrella. Aside from this, it solutionizes data gathering and communication throughout the customer journey via a multitude of touchpoints and devices. With Exponea, finding optimized machine learning facets, expansive analytic capabilities, and streamlining predictive recommendations could not get easier.


The best part of the Segment platform is that its powerful integrations make it seamless to incorporate a new service into your analytics. When you do that, its digital infrastructure will lessen the hassles and amount of labor along with it. On top of that, its super affordable facet makes it a natural go-to for many. Some of the best features including real-time tracking, accessing manual analytics, and interpretation coupled with modifiable dashboards allow it to leverage its capabilities.


CaliberMind is basically an intelligent platform that deploys chain-based attributes to measure the real value of every channel in contributing to your customer’s journeys. Further, it has been designed to handle the customer’s profile throughout the entire lifetime. Its data-driven insights aid the marketing and sales teams to test their performance and know which channels are doing good, bad, and ugly. Being nominally priced at $1,000 a month makes it a favorable option too.


Datorama is a flexible and seamless platform specializing in presenting data in an organized structure and cleaning up the outdated ones. Aside from this, it also caters to AI-driven analytics and provides cross-channel visibility as well. The best part about it is that it can conveniently integrate with many third-party resources like Google Analytics, centralizing marketing intelligence on to go. Interestingly, their pricing structure is based on the data row usage and not on the number of clients.


Insider’s platform assists the digital marketers in driving growth throughout the funnel – starting from acquiring a customer, activating his account, retaining them throughout, to deriving revenue out of it. With this, you can deliver personalized customer journeys via multiple channels like mobile web, messaging, emails, web and ad mediums, etc. further, this leverages real-time predictive segmentation governed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities. It is simple to use and avoids the need for complex integrations and huge dependency on the IT teams.


mParticle is an effective customer data platform company that renders wholesome, comprehensive client profiles that centralize and synchronize customer data. It has been specifically designed to enhance the customer engagement score, increase loyalty and retention and lessen vendor costs. With this in place, you can garner all the data through secure APIs and connect it with each of your tools. Also, prioritizing stellar quality, ensuring diligence, and driving better customer interactions are seamlessly dealt with using this platform.


Tealium is best known for pulling out fragmented chunks of data from eclectic sources and clubbing it in a unified version. This allows the businesses and organizations to collect, analyze, interpret and derive customer data, all of which takes place whilst protecting the privacy of the confidential and personal information of the customers. Furthermore, it lets the customers put up standard norms for the client accounts and establishes these identities across several channels and mediums. The Tealium data platform also includes the Audience Stream customer data platform as a part of its own brand.


Listrak’s data platform has been engineered to deliver better engagement, higher scopes of revenue, and revamped customer retention score. It generates exclusive data visualizations; studies client behavior patterns; and cooks innovative, personalized and accurate communications that merge well with the customers’ prime interests and concerns. If you are looking for a customer data platform that is reputed for its versatility, stellar support structure and exceptional automation capabilities – all of which come at a pocket-friendly price, you need to look no further than to say hello to Listrak. In fact, it reportedly has a steeper learning curve as compared to some of the others falling in this category.


Optimove is a leading CDP company that creates and manages high-scaled customer journeys. It is best known to autonomously surface invaluable client engaging opportunities and puts forth optimizing customer journeys by measuring the overall impacts of its marketing interactions from all the channels. Some of the Optimove leading brands include JD Sports, Dollar Shave Club, Family Dollar, Staples, Penn National, and GVC. With this, you will be able to create thousands of segments via its insight discovery solutions, which also includes a single customer viewing dashboard and predictive customer analytics as well.


Blueshift’s smart CDP helps the brands in connecting relevant experiences across customer interactions. This is a complete toolkit to deliver one-to-one real-time experiences throughout the whole omnichannel journey. This includes continuous information unification, 1:1 personalization, omnichannel arrangement, with unmatched scale. The adaptable, simple-to-utilize stage binds together client information from any source, opens insight with adjustable AI, and initiates information across touchpoints whilst utilizing smart decisions in all circumstances.

That’s a Wrap

When you really wish to know your customers in and out, you should begin providing them the pathways that they truly desire. And on that note, a customer data platform is a great tool to veer in that direction. Equipping this will let you derive the many advantages which could have gone unnoticed otherwise.

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