Customer Success 3.0 will be Customer Success AI & ML, predictive & prescriptive

Customer Success 3.0 will be Customer Success AI & ML, predictive & prescriptive

Customer Success AI and ML have been the new talk of the town. Will incorporating them to CS be benefiting or will it go wrong? Read on to know it all now.


Claiming that your customers are the heartbeat of your business is not so incorrect in the SaaS industries. To take the field of customer success a notch up, it is now the call of the new science to engulf AI and ML in the process. With the emergence of customer success AI, enterprises are gaining better efficiency in most of the business functions.

Statistics say that as much as 60% higher profits generate by companies that prioritize the customer experience. And that is why the advances in technology ensure that all of the customer’s action is captured as data. Later this data is used to analyze buying patterns, inclinations, and behavior of the client base.

Dig in below to know how the evolution of Customer Success 3.0 takes place with the updated chapters of customer success coupled with the goodness of AI and ML.

#1 Solution

customer success AI

The advent of artificial intelligence has intensified the ease to achieve greater customer success. And customer success gels well with customer relationship management, CRM. Let us see how AI makes the CRM a lot more efficient than it actually was.

AI helps streamlines processes by enabling effective organization. CRM goes through a multitude of processes that relate directly to customer service. It is then the AI instantly handles the prospects and clients, which later turns into affirmative outcomes. Furthermore, it puts those data into utilization that was earlier ignored by the traditional CRMs.

AI helps incorporate new ideas as it can foresee issues and generate quite accurate insights and augments CRMs to function in a rather targeted manner. Advanced computing algorithms claim that AI owns a higher level of competence and hence delivers better results when imbibed with CRM.

#2 Solution

To draft a rich knowledge bank that is adaptive to all could be tough as it is time-taking and comprehensive. To soothe things out, thanks to AI that puts a laser-beam focus on structuring this knowledge bank.

As most of the team centers on its knowledge bank, infusing customer success AI can help navigate the relevant details linked with the client’s queries. Over and above it can identify and add pragmatic solutions to certain issues. It can also recommend you what sort of solutions would go well to the different types of issues.

The addition of artificial intelligence is beneficial at reviewing, developing, and updating the records which were once done manually. Customer success teams can truly leverage out the most effective forms of utilization from this bank.

#3 Solution

Just like Ray Kurzweil, American inventor and futurist rightly quote it, “Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, we will have multiplied the intelligence, the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion-fold.”

 If you are wondering what plays a significant role in the sudden drift from customer support to customer success, there are only the virtues of machine learning to refer. Simply put, AI-powered chatbox is paving its way to redefine customer experience and is already taking a giant leap.

Not just that, with these chat boxes you easily render customer service, consistently round the clock. It takes care of trivial issues. And you can now monitor the entire customer journey right from the beginning to the end, without worrying about any inadvertent interferences. Rest assured, customer success AI will ensure chat boxes carry out their assigned tasks.

Let’s say a new customer browses your landing page and is stuck with some queries. Now you wouldn’t want them to switch to your competition just because they didn’t find any resource for rescue. Embedding a smart option like a quick chat box is going to put such issues to sleep.

#4 Solution

Needless to say, the biggest challenge that SaaS industries face today is the unending urge to fuel hungry customers. It is a daunting task to keep pace with the hunger and the magnificent data that is generated every minute.

Thankfully, customer success AI can help you meet these demands by enabling smart collaborations of algorithms and big data. Aside from this, it unearths the buying patterns of the customer. It can easily ascertain customer preferences and beneficial automation avenue that can pull out effective data interpretation.

With this, it can initiate personalized chats with the clients and deliver proactive actions in a way the customer behavior demands. The automation engine significantly triggers the desired customer journey and influences customer success management. It makes sure this is done through the whole of a client’s cycle.

#5 Solution

Utilizing machine learning and AI can convey rather steadfast outcomes as you feed more data into it. The colossal data can then facilitate the customer experience. Identify the areas where you receive the highest and lowest interactions, you can begin providing customizable experiences to the lower traffic zones and strive to nurture the prolific ones.

Further, it will help you enhance the experiences of your customers by selecting the data it garners in daily activities. As you already know that customer experience is the key to the lock, focusing on the same will definitely bring out better customer success.

Final Take

As Stephen Hawking, famous Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist, and Author rightly put it, “Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks.”

The future of AI-enabled CRM will unlock more opportunities for customer success. It can totally revolutionize the landscape of customer service and open doors to newer opportunities. The aforementioned steps when well-integrated into your business will pull out a positive step towards customer success.

The newly-proven customer success AI is more like a game-changer with respect to customer service, transitions, and interactions. Adapt to the technology and let the magic begin.

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