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How to Write an Apology Letter to Customers: The Essential Guide (+Templates)

Writing a Customer Apology Letter is a must when you know that your mistakes have hurt your beloved customers in some way. Redeem yourself with these battle-tested tips and templates.

Simran Mohanty
Jun 23, 2021


How to Write an Apology Letter to Customers

Human makes mistakes and so do companies and that is perfectly fine. But, is it too late to say the three golden words, ‘I am Sorry’? Let’s face it – it is all part of being human. When something does not go out as planned, what really matters is how you handle the situation and amend it at the earliest. While most customers willingly forgive, some expect a sincere apology. Here, in this blog, we will highlight on how to write an apology letter to a customer and give them a chance to give you another chance. If that is what you have been wondering off-late, you are on the right page. Stay tuned for some exciting tips and some enriching templates to go by. Without any further ado, let us begin right away!

Table of Contents

  1. Accept and Admit your Mistakes
  2. Relax and then Write the Customer Apology Letter
  3. Explain what went wrong
  4. Offer to Repay or Repair
  5. Keep them informed with your next Course of Action
  6. In case of Outages, Apologize and Assure Supervision

Accept and Admit your Mistakes

Now that you have already committed a mistake, it is better to own it and not beat around the bush unnecessarily. If you are not genuinely sorry about the issue caused by you, it is better to not flaunt a fake apology just for the sake of apologizing. And a customer will instantly get to know this when you are doing so. Therefore, get your cool together and try to analyze the situation in a better way. Study what went wrong and mention that in the apology letter to the customer.

Customer Apology Letter Template:

Business apology letter template
Source: Groove

Relax and then Write the Customer Apology Letter

It is obvious to get all riled up when you see someone complain or talk back rudely about your business. And that is understandable. On that note, we also know what happens when we revert in the heat of the moment and let the fire turn into a conflagrate. This will only make things worse and put your company in jeopardy of losing out on an angry customer. Hence, relax and collect yourself together. Go out for a walk, have some hot chocolate and then type down your customer apology letter. Remember, this is a stark representation of the integrity and personality of your brand.

Customer Apology Letter Template:

Customer Apology Letter Template
Source: Help Scout

Explain what went wrong

You want your customers to be satisfied with your response. You do not want to throw an apology that you did not mean. This will just make your customer angrier and a good reason to churn away instantly. However, when you own up to your mistakes, you stand a chance to show the trustworthy side of your brand and give your customers a second chance to do business with you. Analyze the situation and know what went wrong. Come up with instant solutions that can fix the mistakes and assure your customers that their concern is being taken care of with immediate effect.

Customer Apology Letter Template:

Template of Apology Letter to Customer
Source: RingCentral

Offer to Repay or Repair

The second your business makes a mistake, it is the customers who lose out on money, time and most importantly trust in your brand. Simply apologizing just for the sake of an apology letter would bring you no good, you will have to clearly explain how you plan to redeem yourself from the situation. This is where you can bring aboard a plan to repay or repair the existing issue. In simpler words, replace what is lost. Just in case, your customers lost some money on the transaction, propose to reimburse the whole amount without any delay. Additionally, you can also proffer discounts or special promo codes as well.

Customer Apology Letter Template:

Template of Apology letter to customers to Repay or Repair
Source: Cloudfront

Keep them informed with your next Course of Action

No one likes to be in a state of illusion when you have no idea when you are expecting a call back. The same holds true for a customer too. If you have done something in the past that has disappointed them and has triggered them to opt for other businesses over you, perhaps, it is time to step into the shoes of the customer and know what they want. What they truly want is to know what is the next course of action you have taken to mitigate the issue at hand. They want to be informed and alert. Be gentle, apologetic and promise them that this will never happen again.

Customer Apology Letter Template:

Apology letter to customers template
Source: Copper

In case of Outages, Apologize and Assure Supervision

Outage Apologies are the toughest. But know that this can call for a big impact on your customer’s business and you do not want that to happen. In unlikely and unfortunate cases when you face several hours of downtime alongside lost production data, you will have to apologize to your customers and promise them that things are being taken care of with optimum supervision, at the earliest. You will need to reassure that everything I under control and they have nothing else to worry about.

Customer Apology Letter Template:

Outage Apology Letter Template
Source: Help Scout

Parting Thoughts

When we have been wronged, we tend to lose confidence in the ones who have caused us the wrong. Though it might take some time to regain the trust back, it is certainly not impossible. How you place your apology letters to customers makes or breaks a business. This also decides whether or not a customer will get back or choose your competitors instead. Practice the aforementioned battle-tested six tips and you will stand a chance to turn any negative situation into a win for your brand. Remember, not all mistakes have to end up being detrimental. In the end, we are all humans.

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Originally Published June 23rd, 2021, Updated June 23rd, 2021

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