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A Guide to Effective Customer Follow-ups

Is there a right way to draft a customer follow-up email? Do you follow the golden rules to sharpen it before you hit ‘Send’? Hope so! Read on to know more about them.

Customer Follow-up

From the few missed lessons of customer service that result in effective and efficient deliverability, customer follow-ups are one of the top 3. How do your customers feel about your business? Does your brand contribute to a sense of customer delight? It is the basic asking of the question that shows your customers that you care and that their feedback is valued. A consistent follow-up will aid in ensuring customers to frequent your business more and eventually recommend it to others. Today, in this blog, we will walk you through how an effective customer follow-up can take place with the help of these battle-tested ideas. Without any further delay, let us get started.

How to Conduct Effective Customer Follow-up?

  1. Follow-up on the same day
  2. Proffer free Resources or Advice
  3. Stay Connected Socially
  4. Let your Follow-ups do all the Talking
  5. Do not Overdo or Coerce
  6. Ask your Clients the best way to Follow-Up

Let u now look at these six effective customer follow-up strategies via a magnifying lens. Let us begin.

Follow-up on the same day

As they say, ‘Strike the iron when it is hot’. The best follow-ups are the ones that are staged at the right times. Following up intelligently can carve a powerful impact in the minds of your potential prospects and keep you at the top of their mind while picking between different service providers. When you follow up with your customer on the same day, the chances of them buying your offerings is higher. This achieved two objectives:

  • It implicitly communicates your next course of actions
  • And, it displays your understanding of the meeting with the client. Just in case, you two were not on the same page at first, now you can be with the help of this follow-up.

Proffer free Resources or Advice

The subtle art of follow-ups is not just about making sales and revving up the revenue graph. You genuinely want to help the customers and fulfill their needs, instead of simply closing out the deal. One of the best ways of doing this is by offering additional advice on how to resolve the client’s concerns. Send out relevant blogs, how-to’s, links to your informative videos that will do the needful. Each of these measures will aid in keeping you in the client’s good books and help you nurture the lead.

Stay Connected Socially

As a business professional, it is better to connect with your customers via your Twitter or LinkedIn handles. A LinkedIn report states that 80% of all B2B sales leads are generated from social media handles like LinkedIn. And 92% of the B2B marketers leverage LinkedIn over all other platforms. Start connecting with them on these channels, study their profiles and proactively engage with them on varied channels and groups.

Let your Follow-ups do all the Talking

Each of your follow-ups is precious and you know it. Do not blow up the chance by drafting it 100% product-focused or sales-centric. Remember, your real motive is to win the customer’s heart, not their wallet. Deliver value and build trust with your potential clients. Have meaningful conversations with your customers that drive them to stay connected with you. This can happen only when you understand their problems and render value through your offerings. Always be in a position to refer them to the right people from your team, if you don’t have the answers.

Do not Overdo or Coerce

Note that the client owes you nothing – well, technically. If your follow-ups are not well planned or times, your clients will be severely agitated by this and look out for some other business. Now, you do not want that to happen. Be gentle and do not push them to make or rush into any decisions. Although it might seem too boring, you need to be patient with the whole process and take a small step at a time. This will also make sure that you have a long-term professional relationship with your clients that can be leveraged in the future to come.

Ask your Clients the best way to Follow-Up

You can easily create a seamless situation by just asking the customer straight – how do they wish to see the follow-up? That way, you will exactly know how to impress the customer in the right way, without being annoying. Ask the preferable time and mode of follow-up right after your first discussion. Your prospects are busy people and they’d appreciate it if you show concern for their time. Further, you will soon start to see that this not only builds confidence between you and the client but also gives a clear idea of how you go about with your follow-up situation. Sounds more like a win-win for both parties, right?

Parting Thoughts

Drafting the perfect customer follow-up email is an art in itself. They are also a crucial part of any sales cycle. Note that following up is just not about automated emails and mundane repetitive calling. There is more life to it. As and when you approach your customers with a multidimensional strategy, you will see how your follow-ups turn more effective and help in nurturing a healthy relationship with your clientele. You know that your business thrives on the love of your customers and following up with them every now and then won’t hurt your business. Practice these above-mentioned tips to steer away from doubts as they will help you out in the best possible manner.13

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