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Customer Love: Top Benefits and Best Practices for SaaS

Learn how to utilize customer love to achieve business success. Here are top benefits and best practices that will bag you the love of a customer in no time

Customer Love

Imagine SaaS to be a dating site! Bear with me for a minute. Now, it is trying to find out a lifetime of commitment – which again, let’s be serious is a scary thought for the many potential suitors out there. As your competitions are constantly vying for customer love, you will have to show them why they should be accepting your proposal with a ‘Yes’.

Know that a long-lasting relationship is built on the basis of mutual respect, care, and love. There are no single winners in this game of two. To earn their trust, loyalty, and appreciation, you will have to woo them and try out the ‘give more than take’ policy. The blog ahead will walk you through the top benefits that you can have and some of the easy practices that will bag you the love of a customer in no time.

Top Benefits of Customer Love

  • Social Support and Shares: The more a customer is satisfied with your business, the higher are the chances that they will display this on the social channels. This will not only increase your popularity score on the social front, but people will more likely revert to do business with you.
  • Referrals: The technique of ‘Word of Mouth’ works wonder in the marketing segment. A happy customer will refer your brand name to his friends and family, thereby enhancing your chances of scoring more clients.
  • Worthy Testimonials: A well-written and honest testimonial has more power to lure a customer than you could ever imagine. A loved customer has all the more reason to drop a happy testimonial and show how impressed they are.
  • Higher Retention Rates: Once a customer gets the right attention and devotion from you, there is no way that they will switch to a competition of yours. This takes the retention bar to a sky-high level.

Best Practices to get Customer Love

The ‘Language of Love’ has the power to better surface the interpersonal dynamics between two people. On similar tracks, you can redeem the love of your customer too, if you follow these five battle-tested practices. You can thank us later!

  1. An Onboarding, Welcome Hamper 
  2. Loyalty Programs, Discounts, and Coupons 
  3. Recognize on Social Channels 
  4. No Backseat to Feedbacks 
  5. Stellar Customer Service all the way 
Best Practices to get Customer Love

An Onboarding, Welcome Hamper 

It is no surprise that the start of any relationship is always fresh, soothing, and full of excitement. This calls for the perfect time to celebrate your onboarding phase with your client. Sending them a welcome hamper can just seal the deal. This hamper may constitute a bag of goodies, namely, gift cards, stickers, a cup, or perhaps a notebook. It would further add a hint of glitter to the process if you could add a personalized note from the Manager. This will show the customer that you have carefully curated ideas and time to make their journey special with you.

Loyalty Programs, Discounts, and Coupons 

Well, there is nothing more enticing to a customer than getting a freebie. This may be in the form of a discount voucher or a promo code, all that matters to the customer is the thought process that goes behind it. Start rewarding customers as soon as they hit a requisite benchmark. Or, you may also add brownie points to their account as and when they make a purchase from you. And as they hit a certain number of points, award them with a gift card or special loyalty program offer.

Recognize on Social Channels 

Social Media acts as the perfect catalyst for spreading the customer love. It is a given that you will find a mixed bag of both positive and negative comments. Respond to the positive ones with much appreciation and if possible retweet them. And for the not-so-positive ones, try to see it through a brighter funnel and scrape out the precious feedback from that. You will soon realize that you do have a chance to improve. So take it in the right spirit and use the social space in the best manner possible.

No Backseat to Feedbacks 

One of the best methodologies used in the chapters of Marketing is garnering customer feedback. Honest feedback has the power to change the scope of your business, driving you towards success. Of the many ways that you can conduct taking feedback, one is via a survey, which you can easily embed in a blog post. Or, you can simply call them and get your answers too. A simple act like this shows the clients that you do value their presence and that their suggestions count. This would not only add value to your relationship but also enhance your customer stickiness score.

Stellar Customer Service all the way 

The most gimmick-free way straight to the route to the customer’s heart is stellar customer service. This also accounts to be the most basic bit that you can render your customers. Begin by offering them what they want – knowledge, expertise, support, and service. An instantly given customer service has a different kind of impact altogether. Nothing frustrates a customer more than hanging on the other side of the phone for hours, in search of a solution. This is not the kind of service that your customers demand of you. Steadfastness, skill, and speed are the keys to pack a punch in this regard.

That’s a Wrap 

There is no rule in the Customer Success chapters that only a grand, and expensive materialistic reward will make your customer delighted. Happiness lies in small, trivial things too which one can see in an everyday encounter. Transforming a customer with an act of kindness can instantly spur affinity that can convert a poor customer experience into an exceptional one in no time. With that, know that great things take time. You will be needing the quintessential ingredient of consistency to bring out the testiest dish of success. Show your customers great love and in return, get their commitment.

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