50 Questions Every Customer Success Manager Should Ask Their Customers

Knowing your customer deeply is important before you start serving them. Check out this exhaustive list of 50 customer questions you must ask.

50 Questions Every Customer Success Manager Should Ask Their Customers
50 Questions Every Customer Success Manager Should Ask Their Customers

Customer success managers start knowing their customers only when they ask them customer questions. They need to drill down each and every detail from the customer to get the right information. This information helps you in serving your clients much better.

Do not assume anything about your client. Get the information right from your customer. Nobody can provide you better information than they themselves.

Hence, we are listing down here 50 questions that can help you discover your clients accurately.

  1. When and where did you hear about us?
  2. What expectations did you have from our product?
  3. Have you tried any customer success product before?
  4. What was your experience with a customer success software that you tried before?
  5. On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate the last customer success software you tried?
  6. What do you think could have been improved in the last customer success software that you tried?
  7. How big is your team?
  8. What improvement areas do you see in your current team?
  9. What are your main objectives for which you want to use our product?
  10. Would you mind sharing your short-term, mid-term and long-term goals?
  11. Are you aware of the main KPIs used in customer success?
  12. Which KPIs do you use most?
  13. How do they help in enhancing your customer success process?
  14. Do you think our product can help you track those metrics?
  15. How many users do you have in your team for whom you want to buy our product?
  16. Apart from the product, do you also need a dedicated service from us?
  17. What would be the main objectives you want to fulfill from our service?
  18. How would you rate your last product experience on a scale from 1 to 10?
  19. What was your experience with our onboarding process?
  20. How do you think we can improve our onboarding process?
  21. What positive changes did our product bring to your team?
  22. What negative changes did our product bring to your team?
  23. What are your most favorite features?
  24. Why do you like those features?
  25. What specific goals those features are helping you achieve?
  26. Do you have any doubts or apprehensions about our product?
  27. Do you have any doubts or apprehensions about our service?
  28. Do you have any doubts or apprehensions about our brand?
  29. How can we improve your product experience?
  30. What are your current challenges?
  31. Do you think our product is capable enough to solve those challenges?
  32. On a scale from 1 to 10, what is your happiness index with our product?
  33. Do you think we could have added more features on our product?
  34. What features would you like us to add to enhance your product experience?
  35. On a scale from 1 to 10, would you like to rate on your likelihood of recommending our product to others?
  36. Have you decided whether to renew or cancel your subscription?
  37. What are the factors that led you towards that decision?
  38. What gaps did you find in our product?
  39. What are the best features according to you in our product?
  40. Can you quantify the impact our product made on you and your team?
  41. Has our product successfully met your expectations?
  42. Do you still have unanswered questions with our product?
  43. What other software do you use in customer success?
  44. What suggestions do you have that would help us improve our product?
  45. What objectives are you waiting to get fulfilled before you decide to renew your subscription?
  46. What are the best things you like in our service and want us to continue?
  47. When did you realize you found what you were looking for in our product?
  48. How often do you need value realization from our product?
  49. How do you like the speed of our product?
  50. Do you have any additional feedback for us?

Final Thoughts

Knowing your customer success questions is important to serve them well. Hence, try as much as possible to get information from them through client questions. It is also not possible for a customer to answer all of these questions at once. Hence, you must have different questions to ask your customers on different occasions.

When they have answered you all, thank them and make an actionable plan based on the feedback you got from them. It will have no use if you don’t create an actionable plan for these questions. Hence, think of creative ways to engage with your customer that adds value to their business.

Asking questions is a lifelong process. The deeper you go in these questions with a customer, the more it will help you in forming your relationship with them. Most of the questions will have a follow up question too which you will only know while they are answering. Your customer interviews process should be as quick and short as possible. This exhaustive list can be used in parts from time to time.

Also, there are different stages you must identify which would be apt for different kinds of questions. Questions related to onboarding will not be relevant in the later phase. Likewise, questions in the later stage will not be relevant in the onboarding phase.

Hence, choose your questions wisely to reveal only those answers that will help you serve them at a particular time. Keep other questions in buffer for your next meetings.12

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