10 Courteous Customer Service Phrases that can Help You Win During Toughest of Times

10 Courteous Customer Service Phrases that can Help You Win During Toughest of Times

Learn these customer service phrases and understand how these phrases could help you win the customer during the toughest conversations and times.

Customer Service Phrases
Customer Service Phrases

Many B2B businesses come across clients who make them cringe when you see they are calling you for a solution. These are the ones that drain your energy, criticize everything, and are pretty slow while clearing their dues. Regardless of the industry, some difficult situations get ugly if not handled well. Especially in a business, it is the language and tone that count the most.

Communicating well can always be tough. That is why customer success agents and customer service professionals are expected to develop empathy and maintain confidence. However, it is possible to lose calm while trying to offer a positive experience.

At such times, you can take the help of certain customer service phrases to get out of such situations unscathed. 

Difficult customers are part and parcel of any business, but especially in B2B business, you need to deal with these customers with great tact so that you do not miss out on getting business from them. Picking and using the right customer service phrases can support communication and lead to better interaction. These customer service phrases can be deal-breakers and transform your normal conversation into an engaging one. These phrases can help a person fix their issues while maintaining a positive attitude leading to high levels of customer comfort. Here are some game-changing customer service phrases that will keep your side during tough conversations and times.

10 courteous customer service phrases that can help you win during the toughest of times 

Here are some customer service phrases that can help you get out of such situations without any apparent damage to your company’s reputation. These customer service phrases will help handle effectively situations that can get out of control.

1. I would be glad to assist you again! 

There is a pattern in how people behave. They do not show immediately if they are angry. Some customers keep it to themselves whether they are happy or not. Some customers make their experience clear by voicing out their concerns. In either case, you need to be vigilant and accept the truth that customers are going to be disappointed if you cannot solve their problem. By saying that you will be glad to assist them again, customers will feel reassured that you understand.

2. Great question! I will try to find out the solution for you ASAP 

While conversing with a customer, it is important to keep them in focus. Finding answers to their questions needs to be the focus and center of your objective. However, sometimes customer service executives do not know the answer to every question. Sometimes you can mislead customers if you assume the answer. If there is something you do not know, you can respond positively to the customer. You can appreciate the question. Give them the clarity that you understood the question. Then find out the answer and respond to the customer. Don’t let them know that you are new or have no idea about the question.

3. I understand how (blank) that must be 

It is not possible to know everything about a product even after trying it out. Being aware and having empathy is a great tool a customer success representative can have. When you are empathetic to customers by vocalizing that you understand how they feel, you are automatically more connected to them. When you do that, the conversation becomes more human and simple.

4. It would have made my day to help you, but… 

Sometimes the customer needs some answers which the customer service representative does not know. Even though the customer service representative would love to help, they may not have the answers, bandwidth, or clarity. Some requests are impossible to fulfill. So instead of letting them know that you will fix the issue, let them know you cannot. 

5. I understand why you would want that… 

Some customers might need help with small issues. For example- fixing a login or any error there. Try to understand the issue and then solve it. By simply saying that you understand why customers want- you will be empathizing with them. Ask them for more information. Try to see the problem from their viewpoint, and then you will be able to visualize their approach.

6. Thank you for bringing this subject to my attention

Some customers find issues with our product. It could be technical, product-related, or even grammatical errors. These are found by customers. In this case, it is important to acknowledge them and work accordingly. You need to appreciate them, thank them for bringing this to notice, and cherish them for their candid approach and concern for the company. If it suits company policy, you can even reward them apart from thanking them.

7. I would like to learn more about… 

Sometimes the customer may be very vague while explaining the problem. In these cases, you need to ask for more information. By saying that you want more information, it shows that you care. Let them know what information you need to get to the core of their issue and approach it that way. Once you have the necessary details, it can be simple to find a solution to their problems. This is a customer service phrase that works wonders.

8. Thank you for being our esteemed customers 

It is always great to thank customers for being associated with the company. Being grateful to customers helps keep conversations alive. This will also create room for feedback. This will create golden opportunities for business and growth. Let customers know that you are ready to listen and participate in their problem-solving process.

9. I suppose there is a slight misunderstanding that we are facing here 

In some cases, you and the customer might not be on the same page. In that situation, you need to identify the misunderstanding and try to rectify it. This misunderstanding can cause the solution to change. You need to verify with the customer and have empathy to understand if they are not able to explain properly. Due to internet issues, communication lag, and more, there is a chance of discord in understanding. This can be settled with communication.

10. I can understand your frustration. Let me try to get an amicable solution for this problem. 

Agreeing with the customer on a problem is extremely important. In some cases, you need to cool down frustrated customers and then find solutions to their issues. You firstly need to acknowledge that the issue is troublesome and then find ways to solve it. Once you empathize with their situation, you know they will explain their problem to find a solution.

Concluding Thoughts 

It can be extremely challenging to satisfy a customer who is angry with your products or services. But by taking into consideration these courteous customer service phrases can bail you out of such situations. Make sure that you learn these customer service phrases and use them whenever the situation demands. Have fun with customer interactions! 

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